Prairie State Community College Board Member Explains Her Concealed Carry Permit

In the car on Thursday afternoon, I heard a National Public Radio story out of Chicago’s WBEZ that was fascinating.

Camiella Williams, an anti-gun activist, who grew up on Chicago’s South Side where she was a gang member, but now lives in Chicago Heights, explained why she now carried a concealed handgun.

In the story, which you can read here, she tells of her motivation to participate actively in what some call the “gun reform movement.”

Then a 21-year old cousin was shot to death.

Even though young people she had mentored had been previously shot, a classmate had been killed, then a daughter of a woman her mother grew up with, her cousin’s death affected her the most.

The rest of the story tells of her getting a concealed carry permit.

When her eleven-year old son got shot with a BB gun in her driveway, she considered “doing something she counsels others against.”

But, reflecting on the example that would set for her son, she walked away.

The story did not tell what town Williams lives in or on what community college board she serves, but I looked it up.

There was no photo on the Prairie State Community College website.

There was, however, the following mini-biography:

“A resident of Chicago Heights, Camiella D. Williams is a student support staff member at an alternative school in Chicago Heights.

“Ms. Williams is a former student of Prairie State College, where she was a member of the Student Government Association, Political Science Club and Black Student Union. She has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Governors State University, where she currently is pursuing a master’s degree in political and justice studies. Ms. Williams serves as the executive director for singer/actress Drew Sidora’s Dreamakers Charity, board member of the Blair Holt Memorial Foundation, and national organizer for Future4Future Network. She also has worked extensively in the Chicagoland area to prevent gun violence since 2006, and currently serves as violence prevention task force member for Congresswoman Robin L. Kelly.”

The end of the radio story says,
“Williams is 29 now. She’s raising her son in a relatively safe suburb. She’s closing in on her master’s degree.

“She’s still a trustee at that community college.

If she’s OK with carrying a gun, think about the people back in her old neighborhood who have to worry about violence up close every day.” [Emphasis added.]

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Additional stories in the WBEZ series–“Every Other Hour”–can be found here.


Prairie State Community College Board Member Explains Her Concealed Carry Permit — 9 Comments

  1. I’m sorry, but she is still a liberal moron. Anti-gun for everyone else but her – she is concealed carry.

    How do you square that!

  2. Dear misfit sunshine blogger: This story would be more attractive to read if it showed a picture of your ugly cat and shotgun; not pointing at the cat, of course…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. Saving your own life is not only a nobel obligation but a biblical prerogative.

    Only the Pink Pussycat hat wearing commie pinko weirdos, think otherwise.

  4. In the name of transparency, accountability, and the holy sunshine spirit, Amen. Let us pray. On this glorious Sunday the blog of misfits brings us another excellent good old fashioned, King James Bible lesson from family values, God fearing, gun clinging, freedom loving, immigrant hating, legion of justice, compassionate conservatives. The problem for these pseudo-christians is that a fellow called Jesus of Galilee did not agree with this standard. Let’s take a look at what this looney liberal who was murdered for caring about others said a couple thousand years ago: “If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it”. Not very second amendmensh…Stop stepping on the bible for political mileage. We know your disgusting game all too well…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. Angel? Did you forget …”Sell your cloak and buy a sword?”… What you are referring to has nothing to do with the subject at hand. Not a Bible scholar?
    See also
    1 Kings 1:12
    Numbers 31:3
    Exodus 22:2-3
    Luke 11:21
    Psalm 18:34
    Psalm 144:1
    2 Samuel 22:35
    Exodus 21:24-25
    Nehemiah 4:14

  6. In the name of Ronald Reagan, Joe Walsh, and the transparency spirit, Amen. The war of Bible verses have begun. Let us pray. Try Matthew 25:31-46. Everything else is subordinated to this. It is noteworthy to remember this came right from that Jesus fellow you say you love so much…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. I agree, Angel. (Your fifth sentence, that is.) So I’ll take the 5th.

  8. Cal, this is heresy to creeps like Llavona!

    Exposing a libtard’s hypocrisy!!!


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