Ersel Schuster Praises County Board for Valley Hi Nursing Home Action

Thoughts from McHenry County Board candidate Ersel Schuster:

Doing The Right Thing Isn’t That Hard

After all the negative reactions to our McHenry County Board over the last ten months; not to mention the pummeling they’ve taken from myself and others, it would be disingenuous not to recognize the turn of events at the 9/19/17 board meeting

Donna Kurtz

Craig Wilcox

Jack Franks

First and foremost, thanks must go out to a couple of members, Craig Wilcox and Donna Kurtz.

While routinely maligned and ridiculed by some fellow members, and bullied by the chairman, their unwillingness to simply go-along-to-get-along for convenience sake is commendable.

Their persistence, for doing the right thing, has paid off.

At this particular meeting, the issue of an RFQ (request for qualifications), a backroom initiative in search of a “broker,” became a nearly 2-hour free-for-all.

Underlying the RFQ was the chairman’s personal agenda and obvious intent to “lease” the county’s nursing home, Valley Hi.

When this RFQ surfaced, both the county board, and the Valley Hi Operating Board were broad-sided.

Neither had been made aware of the chairman’s intent.

Once discovered, and after weeks of working to bring open discussion on the topic through the process, the 9/19/17 meeting became ground-zero for resolution of the issue.

Ersel Schuster

Members Wilcox, Kurtz, Rein, Walkup, Barnes, Wheeler and several others (my apologies if I’ve missed anyone) stood strong and finally succeeded in moving the topics surrounding the Home through the proper committee process.

It was nice to see and hear, some good and some cantankerous discussion, that in the end, resulted in a final resolution directing the Health Committee to undertake a review process of the subject.

All 22 members in attendance supported this action.

The chairman would be wise to take a hard look at this experience and realize that honestly understanding a partnership with the board is a far better solution for running McHenry County.


Ersel Schuster Praises County Board for Valley Hi Nursing Home Action — 4 Comments

  1. Ersel is an antidote for the anti-taxpayer toxicity of the McHenry County Board

    So, is Orville Bretmann!

    They are in Dist. 6!

  2. Very Wise Ersel.

    She gives a Hoot.

    While Frank’s Pollutes.

  3. I’d like to add my praise as a voter and taxpayer for their work.

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