Franks’ Patronage Job Approval Up in Internal Support Committee Wed. 8:15 AM

The first of three committees to consider McHenry County Board member Joe Gottemoller’s motion to allow Jack Franks to hire two patronage employees not needed by him when he was County Board Chairman will meet on Wednesday morning.

Here is the agenda for that Internal Support Committee meeting:

Here is who is on the committee:

ChairmanYvonne Barnes
Vice-Chairman Jim Heisler
Donna Kurtz
Michael Walkup
Kay Bates
Michael Rein
Michele Aavang


Franks’ Patronage Job Approval Up in Internal Support Committee Wed. 8:15 AM — 12 Comments

  1. This looks like a committee that can get something done, that is, unless Franks interjects himself into the Committee’s business under some pretext that he/Chairman has some heretofore unknown authority that would override the Committee’s action.

  2. The process is to first create the position, then hire for the position.

    Not hire into a position that does not cover the actual duties of patronage hires, and then create the position.

  3. I did not notice those job postings on the County website.

    How does one apply?

  4. There are no job postings for:

    – Full Time Executive Assistant (#07000217)


    – Part Time Communications Specialist (#07000317);

    both in the County Board Chairman’s Departmental Roster,

    because the county board has not yet authorized the positions.

    But, there are hires doing the equivalent job functions.

    One of which is a patronage hire.

    Because the County Board Chair and County Administrator decided to act in secrecy and just hire who the County Board Chair desired in a rush in December 2016, rather than go through the process which is now being attempted in September 2017 of first creating the positions, then hiring for the positions.

  5. CINDY!!!

    “WUT’ this committee is for 2 jobs Franks already has working in which he had no authority to hire in the first place.

    You don’t get to apply for the job and you didn’t back in Dec when he hired his ol’ campaign workers (who he’s currently using as his current campaign workers on the county dime.)

    ‘MARK’, both were patronage hires, now it’s one patronage hire and one bought-and-paid-for male prostitute that took over for Ollie as Franks’ campaign worker/blog responder/communications PR guy and ‘take pictures of me from my good side’ photographer.

    Geez how would you like to be Franks man-servant acting on his every whim? Sounds like a very short-lived position. IT SHOULD BE!

  6. I wonder what Jacko will do if any of the three committees say no?

    He would probably bring the resolution up before the whole Board anyways.

    Rules are for little people, and I just can’t see him giving up on this.

  7. Joe Gotta-dollar clearly is a minion and doesn’t care if Franks has employees (that no other Co Brd Chairman ever needed in the past as it’s a part time job, by the way.

    It’s only taxpayer dollars) How dare he when No employees are necessary!

    I predict that

    ChairmanYvonne Barnes
    Vice-Chairman Jim Heisler
    Donna Kurtz
    Michael Walkup
    Michael Rein

    will all have the common sense and decency to say Franks, you broke our own county board rules and overstepped your bounds,.

    No go on 2 hires.

    Do the work yourself like every Co. Brd Chair before you, and as the people voted you in to do.


    Kay Bates
    Michele Aavang

    will say let him keep draining the taxpayers for whatever Franks wants.

    No morals or guts or thought for the taxpayer by those two.

    Aavang was even shamed by the Auctioneer at the County Fair whilst bidding on a pig in the 4-H Barn.

    Somehow I think she has no shame.

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