The Camera Boxes

At the McHenry County Board’s meeting last Tuesday, there were two camera boxes.

Walsh Freedom set up it camera in camera box number 1.

Designated by duct tape and about six-foot square, they were obviously intended to limit coverage by cameras of the meeting.

You may remember that Edgar County Watchdogs came to a previous Board meeting and set up their video equipment front row right.

Tuesday, one camera box was located back to the right.

Walsh Freedom had set up its video recorder there.

On the other side of the room, there was a second camera box.

The operator of the second video camera was in camera box number 2.

It was farther back.

But, there were three video cameras.

By the time the Edgar County Watchdogs had entered the room, both of the “official” camera boxes were occupied.

As might be expected the Edgar County Watchdogs put its camera outside the boxes.

So what would appear on Illinois Leaks was set up right behind the door audience members entered.

Why did Board Chairman Jack Franks set up the camera boxes?

I’ll leave that to commenters to speculate upon.


The Camera Boxes — 18 Comments

  1. So the three video cameras were operated by Edgar County Watchdogs, Walsh Freedom, and Cal Skinner at the McHenry County Regular Board meeting on Tuesday September 19, 2017?

  2. Are there written rules and procedures on the operation and use of cameras at McHenry County Board Meetings?

    If not, should there be and will the Board of 24 Members take care of this?

  3. bred? Common sense tells you we don’t need all these stinkin’ rules.Morals and integrity tell you where to stand, when and what is permissible. (Don’t hurt others?) This is how government has gotten so out of hand with the nanny state law makers that think they have to cover every single breath you take in or out. You can’t legislate stupidity. You have the king of stupidity here. We need less written rules and more common sense respect for others.

  4. Anarchy always works, right Cindy? Not only are you a pig but also a pretty ignorant one. How about a couple more of your God and Jesus rants in between cries for anarchy

  5. There were 3 video cameras being operated at the Tuesday September 19, 2017 Regular county board meeting?

    Edgar County Watchdogs, Walsh Freedom, and ?

    Who was operating the third video camera?

  6. In Open Meetings anyone can record.

    I’m sure several were recording all or parts of the meeting that may have been pertinent to them.

  7. Some of the RINOS on the current board are allowing the white-haired dictator to do what he wants, when he wants.

    This county voted for him to bully the county; they should be proud that they’re as dumb as they are by electing this fraud if a president.


  8. (This is actually on topic) Especially for Doodie: Morons hate truth so much that they have to sputter and pontificate. Morons always stick their foot in their mouth. We are all watching the morons self-destruct. The Lord works in mysterious ways, indeed.

  9. Anybody from the 24 Member Board watching this issue?

    Where are you with regard to cameras?

    You represent us in this County.

    Speak out.

  10. I also demand a statement from each and every member of the McHenry County Board as soon as possible on this very relevant issue for all McHenry county citizenry. We voted you in to work and speak out on important issues. Thank you sunshine blogger for going above and beyond your civic duties with stories like these…tic, tock, tic, tock…

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