Singapore Teen Held in McHenry County Jail Gets Political Asylum

Amos Lee

Amos Yee, a young provocateur from Singapore was imprisoned a month in his home country after he pleading guilty to wounding the religious feelings of Christians and Muslims, has been in the McHenry County Jail since seeking asylum at O’Hare Airport late last year.

Yee also was highly critical of officials in his country.

He has a political message, according to a publication called “The Mothership:”

“anarchist communism and ending private property and wage labour”

He wants to live in Illinois.

The reason for the story today is that a U.S. Board of Immigration Appeals has just ruled that he qualifies for political asylum.

His fear of being persecuted if he returned to Singapore was “well founded,” the court ruled, according to the Associated Press.


Singapore Teen Held in McHenry County Jail Gets Political Asylum — 16 Comments

  1. More great news from a government completely out of control as far as dealing with the security of its own borders.

    Let’s sign him up for a little bit of welfare.

    With our luck in McHenry County the next thing you’re going to see is he’s going to be working for Jack Franks as another illegal patronage employee.

    Exactly how much of this crap is the County going to stand for before the citizens finally elect somebody that can make a difference.

    No more RINOs no more get along to go along no free passes for all the b******* that we put up with for years and years.

    Stop it now.

  2. Another irresponsible post from the former member of the right wing vigilante group legion of justice. God bless all immigrants and all nations! Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. Interesting that he chose Illinois as the best place to spread his message.



    Singapore Blogger Seeking U.S. Asylum Regrets Posts in Home Country

    by Timothy McLaughlin

    December 30, 2016

    “While highly critical of actions of the U.S. government abroad, particularly drone strikes in the Middle East, Yee said the country provided the best platform for spreading his political message of anarchist communism and ending private property and wage labor.

    ‘It is not going to the best country.

    This is about going to the country that most effectively promotes my political philosophy of anarchical communism,’ Yee said.”

  4. Even the guy from Singapore knows Chicago is the best place for agitation.

  5. lol granting asylum to anarcho-communists who want to abolish private property.

    Sounds like a mistake.

  6. From Wikipedia: “Yee uploaded a video on YouTube criticising Lee. In the video Yee compared Lee to Jesus, and cast both in an unfavorable light. Yee also uploaded to his blog an image depicting Lee and Margaret Thatcher engaged in anal sex.”

    A U.S. Court gives him asylum?


    Because he is anti-Christian?

  7. There he is folks, The only guy that actually wants to live in Illinois

  8. Sure let him in!

    Why not!!??

    He’ll add so much to the wondrous diversity that has made this country a Third world cesspool of crime and corruption.

    Make him Llavona’s personal plaything and pet.

    How grand!

  9. Hmmmmmmmmmm

    What a fine young lad, indeed.

    Has he been set up with a Sec. 8 housing voucher yet!

    How about Emergency Township Assistance! Messers. Lutzow (Algonquin) and Adams (McHenry) would be simply delighted to oblige and shower the young rat with financial assistance drawn out of our pockets.

    How did this little puke become our problem??? How did he get on that plane???

  10. Trouble looking for a place to happen …. he’ll make an outstanding DEMOCRAT voter.

  11. “He’ll add so much to the wondrous diversity that has made this country a Third world cesspool of crime and corruption.”

    Stop distilling major problems in the area to immigrants.

    Our country was built, razed, rebuilt, screwed over and squeezed by us, white people.

    Most sex predators in our jail are white.

  12. Ken? Why are you bringing up color?

    What does that have to do with anything?

    Evil is evil.

    Stupidity is stupidity.

    It crosses all races.

    Stop with your stupid racism.

  13. Wouldn’t he be more comfortable requesting asylum in Socialist Cuba?

    Or aren’t the welfare benefits as high?

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