As Centegra Seeks to Abandon Most of Its Woodstock Hospital Services

The following is posted on the City of Woodstock’s web page.

Considering it is not just Woodstock residents who will be negatively affected by Centegra Health Systems’ abandoning most of its hospital services, the information is being published on McHenry County Blog.

Information about the Illinois Health Facilities & Services Review Board hearing on Monday is included.

Heal Woodstock’s Healthcare

 Heal Woodstock


Every community member can help make Woodstock’s continued needs known to the Illinois Health Facilities & Services Review Board.  This can be done a number of ways:

  1. ATTEND THE PUBLIC HEARING during the day or the new evening session!
    Woodstock Opera House, Monday, October 2, 2017
    .  The Hearing begins at 11am with 4 (four) Centegra applications under review.  Citizens may Register to provide Testimony, either Oral or Written, or to Appear only.   Comments should relate to the particular application under review during that time slot. Register in advance on forms below and bring the printed forms with you, attaching any Written submission.**Centegra Application Review most relevant to removal of services for Woodstock**
  • 2pm – 3pm     Certificate of Exemption (COE) #E-036-17 — Discontinue 60 med/surg, 12 ICU & 5 OR beds in Woodstock
  • 11am – 12pm  Certificate of Need (CON) #17-036 — Establish 22 rehab beds in Woodstock
  • 1pm – 2pm      Certificate of Need (CON)  #17-037 –Conversion of 4 med/surg beds to 4 ICU beds in Huntley
  • 3pm – 4pm      Certificate of Exemption (COE) #E-037-17 –Discontinue 22 rehab beds in McHenry

OR!   Attend the evening session at Woodstock Opera House later that same day!

  • 5pm – 7pm     Provide Testimony, Oral or Written, or Appear in relation to any of the 4 (four) applications under review with no assigned timeframe.

The Participation Guidelines include:

  • Can register in advance and take forms to the Hearing or register at the Hearing
  • Can speak as an individual or representative of an identified group
  • Cannot speak on behalf of another person who is not present
  • Speakers are allotted a maximum of 2 minutes; depending on crowd, time can be reduced
  • Speakers must direct comments to the specific application reviewed during that time slot
  • Of critical concern to Woodstock is the 2:00 PM session on Oct. 2nd, discontinuation of medical/surgical, Intensive Care Unit and Operating Room beds in Woodstock
  • Opposing this action will not reverse the current provider’s plans, it will only confirm continued need for services to be replaced
  • Community members can a) speak b) provide written comment c) be counted as present
  • The number of attendees present can have a very positive impact on the Review Board

2.  Written Comments to the Health Facilities & Services Review Board

  • Written comments can be sent to the City Manager’s Office at City Hall and will be forwarded to the Review Board for consideration on or before Fri., October 20, 2017

​     3.  Appearance at the Review Board Meeting in Bolingbrook on November 14, 2017

  • Final determination on these applications takes place at the Review Board’s Meeting on November 14, 2017 and citizens can once again register to speak at this meeting

Click to Sign the Petition:

I wish to register my opposition to the removal of medical, surgical, and intensive care hospital services, and reduction in status of emergency room services, at Memorial Medical Center in Woodstock.  This ends a 100-year legacy of providing comprehensive hospital services to the Woodstock community, services that impact the physical, emotional and financial health of our residents and our businesses, both current and future.  I understand that Memorial Medical Center was a profitable healthcare facility in Woodstock.  I therefore encourage the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board to react swiftly and positively to any future applications by qualified healthcare providers to replace these essential services, thereby restoring a cherished sense of security for our valued families and citizens.

Community Connection Sessions:

Listen to Mayor Sager’s healthcare discussion with residents during two of the three previous conversations, at Stage Left Cafe, and at the Library.  Our thanks to The Woodstock Independent for livestreaming!


As Centegra Seeks to Abandon Most of Its Woodstock Hospital Services — 9 Comments

  1. Chicago Tribune

    Centegra’s Woodstock Hospital to Stop Admitting Most Overnight Patients

    August 18, 2017

    by Lisa Schencker

    “The system attributed the losses, in a financial statement, to the costs of opening its new 128-bed Centegra Hospital-Huntley last year, to higher-than-expected write-offs for unpaid patient bills and serving more patients on Medicare and Medicaid.”

  2. We will lose a hospital because the Democrats are letting unlimited numbers of illegal aliens into the country.

    Didn’t you liberals promise that FAily McWorsethancarter’s ACA would solve all our medical needs?

  3. No surprise.

    Why would any company build a new hospital ten minutes away from a state of the art facility, Sherman, that went bankrupt shortly after opening?

  4. “We will lose a hospital because the Democrats are letting unlimited numbers of illegal aliens into the country.”

    Can someone explain this logic? Keep it grounded if possible.

  5. People who won’t pay for their medical services are putting financial pressure on the existing medical services.

    Illegal aliens don’t pay; the send their earnings back to Mexico.

  6. In 2014 CEO Eesley made over $1.9 million and Aaron Shepley over $500,000.

  7. Hospitals are barbaric cesspools. I find no problem with them all closing. (Sherman was always a death trap.)

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