Steve Reick Says Governor “Spat” in Our Eye

Here is State Rep. Steve Reick’s reaction to the signing of the bill requiring taxpayers to pay for abortions:

He Looked Us In The Eye, Then Spat In It

Posted on September 28, 2017 by Steve Reick

I want to talk today about the glue that binds us together as honorable men and women, in business, in marriage and in life.

I want to talk today about trust.

As I went through law school and entered the practice of law, it was constantly hammered into me that a lawyer’s word is his bond.

Say what you will about the profession, but in my 35 years of practice, I’ve never had a reason to doubt another lawyer’s word.

As I entered the General Assembly, I was told that if I ever broke my word to a fellow member, regardless of party, I would never get a second chance to redeem myself.

To change one’s mind on an issue is not a sin, so long as the reason for change is honestly held and is clearly communicated to those to whom you’ve given your word.

There are a million clichés about change; there are many reasons why changing one’s mind about this position or that is valid.

Political expediency is not one of them.

Bruce Rauner looked us in the eye in April and said that he would veto H.B. 40, the bill which grants public funding for abortion in Illinois.

Today, he spat in our eye.

His decision to sign that bill is a betrayal fueled by political expediency and nothing more.

Any trust which he may have earned on this issue or any other is gone.

I guess this day has been a long time coming.

We saw it with the staff purge in July.

Since he’s been Governor, he’s treated the General Assembly like employees of a company he just bought whom he wouldn’t have hired in the first place if he’d had the chance.

The only difference is that he can’t fire us.

With all the issues facing Illinois, we need strong leadership now more than ever.

Sticking a finger in the air to see which way the political wind is blowing is not leadership.

If the Governor wants to defend his decision to sign H.B 40 in this District, or anything else for that matter, he can come up here and do it himself.


Steve Reick Says Governor “Spat” in Our Eye — 6 Comments

  1. Oh get off your high horse. Politicians change positions all the time. He admitted that himself, that he met and heard new perspectives and decided to change his thoughts on it.

  2. One thing we all count on with regards to you Cindy, is zero substance followed by an insult.

  3. Re: “Politicians change positions all the time.”

    I change my underwear daily but to my knowledge my underwear did not kill anyone or anything.

    Abortion is instant death for the unheard.

    My taxes fund the cost of administering the death penalty but in that case there is a trial. Where is the trial for the unborn Brucie?

    We all suffer from the terminal illness called life.

    While on this voyage our conduct is tracked and when we succumb, we are judged.

    Thank you Steve for speaking up!

  4. Get rid of Rauner in the next primary.

    He is dishonest and is obviously a left leaning liberal who supports the Pro-Death “of infants) position of the Democrat Party.

    We might just as well have Quinn or Blago in office as this guy.

  5. Reick grows a pair.

    But remember Mr. Reick, you got several hundred thousand from Rauner to run against two complete dwarves (the primary fraudster, and the evil Bartmann in the general,) and as Dante told us in his “Inferno”, disloyalty to patrons, even horrible ones, shows something bad about disloyal donee.

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