Barb Wheeler “On Verge of Tears” at Rauner’s Signing Pro-Abortion Bill, Pam Althoff Opposed to Taxpayer Funding

State Senator Pam Althoff and State Rep. Barb Wheeler in the staging area for the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade.

State Rep. Barb Wheeler provided her reaction to Governor Bruce Rauner’s signing of the bill forcing taxpayers to fund abortions for Medicaid recipients and state employees to the Illinois News Network:

“I’m just sickened by his decision to sign House Bill 40.”

“He personally told me he was not going to [sign the bill] so I feel like he either lied to me or maybe he changed his mind, and thought this was a better strategic [political] tactic.

“I don’t know, but I literally feel sick to my stomach and I’m on the verge of tears.”

State Senator Pam Althoff, in the same article, said the following:

I did not support the measure, but I am not surprised he signed the bill.”

“Throughout this entire issue I have been very clear about my personal position and that is I am a pro-choice candidate.

“But I’ve always drawn the line at utilizing taxpayer dollars for abortion when this state is still almost 50 percent divided on this issue on whether it’s appropriate or inappropriate.”


Barb Wheeler “On Verge of Tears” at Rauner’s Signing Pro-Abortion Bill, Pam Althoff Opposed to Taxpayer Funding — 13 Comments

  1. You people might stop and realize that our Gov. Has reduced welfare children in half along with the third world types who vreed like mice.

    The abortions they get the less we have to spend filing welfare children.

    God bless Gov Rauner

  2. Illinois state government is making many people sick.

    Sick enough to leave the state for good, it’s the only cure that works for sure.

  3. 1. I’m not sure I understand a word Pam Althoff said.

    2. To support taxpayer funding of abortion is intellectually untenable.

    3. Illinois is financially broke – junk bond status broke. With that reality, what do Illinois politicians do? ADD state expenditures – even if the expenditures are morally repulsive to more than half her citizens.

    4. Rauner ran on the ostensible image that he “wasn’t a politician”. Now, he is the king of phony, duplicitous, lying, miserable, failed politicians in Illinois. Congratulations, Mr. Rauner. Yuk.

  4. Y’all act like you didn’t know wh Bruce Rauner was before you all voted for him in 2014.

    He said then he was pro-choice.

    He promised to Personal Pac before the 2014 election that he supported Medicaid paying for abortions.

    You embraced the man DESPITE that, and now you all want to pretend you didn’t know?

  5. While running for Governor Bruce Rauner said he did not have a social agenda and this year said he would veto House Bill 40 (HB 40).

  6. US News

    Rauner Opposes Bill Allowing Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

    – Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner is opposing legislation that would allow the state to cover abortions for its employees and Medicaid recipients.

    April 14, 2017

    by Kiannah Sepeda-Miller, Associated Press

    “‘Governor Rauner is committed to protecting women’s reproductive rights under current Illinois law,’ said Elini Demertzis, a Rauner spokeswoman.

    ‘However, recognizing the sharp divisions of opinion of taxpayer funding of abortins, he does not support HB 40.'”


    The Democrats under House Speaker Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton could have passed this legislation while Pat Quinn was Governor, especially while they had a super majority in the House and Senate.

  7. I’m pretty sure he didn’t tell any of the people he talked to at the McHenry County Right-to-Life Pig Roast in 2013 that he was Pro-Choice.

  8. Three results from passing HB 40 (without getting into too much detail):

    1. If the US Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade, abortions would now still be legal in Illinois (some claim that would be the case even if HB 40 wasn’t passed).

    2. State Medicaid (not Federal Medicaid) funds can now be used for abortions in Illinois (prior to HB 40 that was illegal).

    3. State employee healthcare now covers abortions.


    Bruce Rauner’s answers on a 2014 Personal Gubernatorial PAC Questionnaire indicated he would support those items.


    However, those particular issues were not widely covered in the press (mainstream coverage about abortion was that he was pro-choice, not delving into those issues).

    For instance, what percentage of those who voted for Bruce Rauner were aware of his views on those topics, in particular since he repeatedly said he had no social agenda, rather, he was focused on finances.


    Personal PAC

    2014 Gubernatorial Candidate Questionnaire

    Bruce Rauner responses

    Question 1 – Bruce Rauner’s “yes” answer indicates he would support legislation repealing the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975 (Public Act 81-1078).

    Some including Personal PAC claim PA 81-1078 makes abortion illegal if Roe v Wade is overturned, while others including the ACLU & ILGA LRU have claimed that is not the case (see the below link).

    Although PA 81-1078 is referred to as the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975, that seems to be the amended law (1975 law was passed in January 1979 – January 1981 time frame?), as the original law was amended, and the 81st General Assembly was from January 1979 – January 1981.

    It would seem the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975 was originally passed in 1975 which would be in the 78th or 79th General Assembly.

    The 78th General Assembly was from January 1973 – January 1975.

    The 79th General Assembly was from January 1975 – January 1977.

    Maybe someone knows the legislative history.


    Question 5 – “Will you SIGN legislation restoring abortion coverage under the state Medicaid Plan?

    Question 6 – “Will you SIGN legislation to restore state employees’ health insurance coverage for abortion?”

    Bruce Rauner answered yes to both questions.


    Here is the full 2014 Personal PAC Gubernatorial questionnaire (link from article on Personal PAC website),%202014,%20Governor.pdf

  9. AlabamaShake, you’re wrong.

    He never said that.

    He dismissed social issues for fiscal issues only.

  10. He responded that way on the Personal PAC questionnaire in 2014.,%202014,%20Governor.pdf

    Bruce Rauner’s responses to the questionnaire were not widely reported at the time the questionnaire was completed.

    When did Personal PAC first release that questionnaire to the public?

    Don’t seem to recall it being an issue in the Rauner v Quinn election for Governor in 2014.

    Personal PAC endorsed Pat Quinn for that election, not Bruce Rauner.

    Bits and pieces came out here and there.

    Diana Rauner and others took out a news paper ad stating that her husband was pro choice.

    But no strong statements from Bruce Rauner that he would change Illinois abortion law the way that he did with HB 40.



    Personal PAC responds to Diana Rauner

    Monday November 3, 2014

  11. When was the public first notified of Bruce Rauner’s responses to questions 1, 5, and 6 on the 2014 Gubernatorial Personal PAC questionnaire completed by Bruce Rauner?

    Was it April 19, 2017 when Personal PAC had a press conference and made the questionnaire available to the public?

    Did Bruce Rauner and tell the public in 2014 that he would support legislation to allow state funding to pay for abortions (for example, allow state Medicaid funds to be expended for abortions)?

    Did Bruce Rauner reveal that information to Jack Roeser, given that Jack Roeser endorsed Bruce Rauner in the Republican primary…very doubtful.

    It seems that Bruce Rauner said leading up to the 2014 primary and general elections that he believes life begins at conception, but it is a woman’s right to choose.

    Know we know what he means by that.

    However, were those messages delivered at the same time?

    Or different times?

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