Kass Compares Rauner to “Burnt Toast”

Take a read of Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass’ piece today.

The final lines are

“And toast is toast.

“Once it burns, it’s really no good to anyone. Just like a politician’s word.”


Kass Compares Rauner to “Burnt Toast” — 13 Comments

  1. Toast for sure,,,I HAVE A NEW TITLE FOR HIM

    Bruce “ONE AND DONE” Rauner

  2. A liar cannot be believed, even when telling the truth.

    Has anyone caught Rauner telling the Truth?

  3. I would never go into a restaurant called burnt toast.

    It sounds just awful.

  4. Cindy it’s really deluxe and very good.

    Burnt Toast is an expression for something that we settle for while never treating ourself well due to the fact that we’re always caring for others…Kids, dogs, the boss, etc

    Treat yourself there.

    Guarantee, You won’t be sorry…

    Their bacon is to die for!

  5. I don’t eat out much. It’s all toxic poison prepared by lethal microwaves. No thanks.

  6. You don’t know me, Jim. I have been not eating out for many years. It is all crap.

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