Chris Kennedy Coming to MCC Oct. 18th

Chris Kennedy. Photo credit: campaign web site.

Another candidate for the Democratic nomination for Governor is coming to McHenry County.

Chris Kennedy will speak at the McHenry County College auditorium on Wednesday, October 18th.

In addition, candidates seeking to oppose incumbent Republican Peter Roskam will speak.

Doors open to this event sponsored by the McHenry County Democratic Party at 7.

Announcements are scheduled at 7:15 with the candidates scheduled to speak from 7:30 to 8:15, when district breakout sessions will be held until 9.

Organizers ask those wishing to attend to RSVP. The place to do so is here.


Chris Kennedy Coming to MCC Oct. 18th — 14 Comments

  1. Who is this guy Chris?

    The grandson of the fabulously rich Joseph Kennedy and the son of Robert F Kennedy. Joseph made his fortunes in the stock market and selling of liquor.

    Joseph’s family and clan owned the Merchandise Mart of Chicago for about 50 years.

    Robert F was a brother of President John Kennedy.

    John appointed (nepotism) his brother Robert to be Attorney General (AG) of the U.S.

    As AG Robert spied on Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

    A prominent US spy agency, which has been in the news in recent years, also did a lot of spying on Dr King in the early and mid 1960’s during Democratic Presidential Administrations.

    How can the Democratic Party claim to stand for working class, lower and middle income people when some of their leaders and aspiring leaders are multi-millionaiers?

    Democratic voters ought to be reminded about how their leadership back in the 1960’s disrespected and did not trust Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

  2. I have a picture of me with that same face at the Rosemont city limits sign.

    I had just biked there with my little sister on the handlebars.

    I wanted a picture of the momentous occasion.

    She was going to take the picture of me with the signpost; but I wasn’t ready yet so I have this photo of me saying “DON’T!”

    Wonder what his excuse is.

  3. More of the 1% scum that the progressive/Left/ DEMOCRATS are always warning us
    about as being for the rich only.

    Their hypocrisy is truly astounding, but the low-info voters always by into it.

  4. Kind of puts me in mind of a beaver or is it a weasel?

    No we’ve already got one of those.

  5. Abe Pritzker and Joe Kennedy both did a fair amount of business with the Chicago Outfit back in the day, and the Outfit knew better than to try to cross either one of them.

    It’s interesting that their descendents are both running for Governor of this state today.

  6. Does someone have to be a billionaire or rotten crook (or both) to run for guv in this rotten state?

  7. Joe Kennedy ran the most vicious Boston Mafia gang during Prohibition.

    His progeny have killed or maimed a few more personally since then.

    Chris’ only qualification is that he is not in rehab now.

  8. May I remind everyone, We are not responsible for what our parents and ancestors did or didn’t do. We.

    We’re all born with a clean slate.

    Campaigns cost so much money that the only ones who can run have to be well off.

    I wish we could get the money out of politics so anyone who wanted to could run for office.

    We’ve bigger fish to fry.

    We need fo abolish the electoral college.

    When a candidate wins the popular vote but looses to the ec it tells everyone in the country, “Your vote doesn’t count.”

    The system must change to properly represent the people’s wishes.

    Meanwhile, we have a President who declared war on North Korea on twitter last week.

    We have the country focused on the NFL protest.

    I love my country and our flag very much.

    With that love we should always remember that we also have freedom of speech..

  9. It isn’t Kennedy. It’s his running mate, Ra Joy. That is what the McDems’ website says.

  10. Don’t know if I misread the web site when I wrote this article or a substitution was made.

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