Three Caught Selling Alcohol to Minors

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department in which it is reported that two new restaurants in Crystal Lake served alcohol to minors.

Crystal Lake Police Conduct Alcohol Countermeasure Enforcement Checks at Local Retail Establishments

The Crystal Lake Police Department completed another round of Alcohol Compliance Checks. During the month of September, we examined 84 separate locations licensed to sell alcohol in Crystal Lake, including businesses that sell packaged alcoholic beverages and those that serve such beverages for on-site consumption.

In all of the 84 businesses examined, persons under the age of 21, under the guidance and supervision of Crystal Lake police officers, entered and attempted to purchase alcoholic beverages. With the exception of three businesses, the clerks or business employees appropriately checked the purchaser’s identification, recognized them as being underage, and did not complete the sale.

The following businesses illegally sold alcohol to a minor:

  • Walgreens – 151 Northwest Highway
  • Carlos Mexican Grill – 282 W. Virginia Street
  • M Supper Club – 394 W. Virginia Street

Crystal Lake officers cited the clerks/employees who completed the sale to a minor. An Adjudication Hearing on this matter is scheduled for 8:30am on October 13, 2017, at the Crystal Lake Municipal Center, 100 West Woodstock Street.

Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death among adolescent Americans and teenage alcohol consumption is a leading contributing factor. The Crystal Lake Police Department strives to develop partnerships with local merchants to help them achieve the goal of zero alcohol sales to minors. The Crystal Lake Police Department conducts these Alcohol Countermeasure Enforcement checks randomly throughout the year and we will continue to do so in the future.


Three Caught Selling Alcohol to Minors — 4 Comments

  1. And how many citations were issued to DISTRACTED cellphone blabbers and texters for that
    same period ?

    Oh, I see now.

    Much easier to entrap businesses and threaten revocation their licensees if they don’t
    pay a hefty fine, all under the guise of public safety of course.

    And the distracted blabbers and texters continue along their merry way, oblivious to all that goes on around them.

  2. E_N_T_R_A_P_M_E_N_T!!!

    CL gameplan-scam (started when crooked Nygren misran CLPD): Use older-looking, 20 year old ultra-cute, weeks shy of being 21.

    Girl is eager to ‘work off’ her own separate alcohol violation(s) if she ‘assists’ cops.

    Store hit, again and again and again, until beer finally sold. (separate times for different clerks

    Huge fine nets City big $ and accolades from nitwit Community as to how ‘good’ the cops are keeping liquor from tender teens.

    Meanwhile drug house like the one on CL’s Short Street go unmolested.

    Esp. if minority pushers are involved.

    But the cops set up the whole blasted sting!

  3. And police wonder why they have such a bad reputation.

    We want to support them….but they attack their own citizens time and time again.
    The CLPD continue to do this. Why?

    Truth is right.

    Such a scam.

    They go after who they WANT to arrest; forgive their pals.

    It’s obvious to everyone.

    This “sting” is just an example.

    Restaurant owners, make your donations now so that this doesn’t happen to you.

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