MCC Board Agrees to 2.9% Raises for Non-Teaching Staff

A press release from McHenry County College:

McHenry County College Board of Trustees Approves New Staff Council Contract

[Oct. 4, 2017.Crystal Lake, IL] The McHenry County College Staff Council (MCCSC) and the McHenry County College (MCC) Board of Trustees reached an agreement on a new four-year contract, effective Sept. 28. The new contract is retroactive to July 1, 2017.

A team of four administrators and five staff members reached an agreement for 180 staff members at the college, concluding a five-month process.

The MCCSC membership ratified the agreement on Aug. 28, 2017.

The new contract includes an increase of 2.9 percent per year for most members with only a one percent increase for those employees over the maximum of their salary range.

“I thank the college’s staff negotiating team for their participation in a highly respectful negotiations process,” said MCC president Clint Gabbard, Ph.D.

“I admire the collaborative process used by both negotiating teams whose purposeful mindset helped reach the agreement.”

Staff contract highlights include continued employee contributions for healthcare insurance based on a percent contribution, which remains the same as in the expired contract.

Another highlight in the contract is a preamble titled “Mutual Respect,” to affirm the shared commitment to a work environment that fosters mutual respect and professionalism and denounces inappropriate workplace behavior.

Also, for the first time, the college will extend retirement benefits to part-time employees, which includes a 50 percent waiver on MCC credit classes.

“We believe the result of our combined efforts provides a contract that is fair and equitable, acknowledges the importance of staff to the operation and mission of the college, but most importantly, provides a measure of stability for our staff,” said Tawnja Trimble, MCC staff council president.

“I’m pleased that the negotiations process was handled in a respectful and professional manner—everyone on both sides showed a willingness to listen to each other’s perspectives.”

MCC Board Chair, Chris Jenner, also shared his appreciation for the process.

“While negotiations can be contentious at times, I’m very pleased to see that this specific contract negotiation was handled smoothly, fairly, affordably, and respectfully,” he said.

“Thank you, MCC administration and Staff Council.”


MCC Board Agrees to 2.9% Raises for Non-Teaching Staff — 3 Comments

  1. Retirement benefits for part time employees ?

    Nothing to good for MCC.

  2. The cost of living increase is that high?

    Many gov agencies are using more part time employees to avoid paying benefits, which works as that is all many want, part time work.

    Instead of adding to the pension nightmare, couldn’t MCC offered a contribution to a 451k as part of total comp to the part time employees?

  3. What is the definition of a staff member?

    2.9 percent per year seems way too high given our current low inflation rate.

    Why not tie any general increase per year to a US national rate index such as is used by the Social Security Administration?

    Something less than 1 percent per year might be more appropriate.

    If “staff” members would not like this rate they should be told they are lucky to have jobs.

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