Man Who Beat Congressman Donald Manzullo Being Challenged by James Marter

James Marter

Adam Kinzinger was elected to Congress in 2010. After redistricting in 2012, he was thrown in the same district as Congressman Donald Manzullo, whom he beat.

Now Jim Marter has announced that he is running against Kinzinger.

Marter was the conservative Republican candidate against U.S. Senator Mark Kirk last year.

Kirk lost to Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, who beat Joe Walsh in a district gerrymandered by House Speaker Mike Madigan to pack every Democrat into it that could be found.

Marter’s press release is below:

James “Jim” Marter to Announce Candidacy for 16th District Congressman

James “Jim” Marter will officially announce his candidacy for Congressman for the 16th District of Illinois before the LaSalle County Republican Central Committee monthly meeting this evening in Ottawa.

The Campaign Committee Chairman is the Hon. John McGlasson, State Central Committeeman for the 16th Congressional District.

“Today is the day we begin to set the Republican Party right in Illinois, starting with the 16th District.

“It is time to take our party back, stand for our platform, defending LIFE, LIBERTY, and the Constitution of the United States.

“Fellow republicans and all who want an ILLINOIS Congressman to work to bring jobs back to Illinois, secure the border, and help President TRUMP make America great again are welcome to join me in supporting James Marter for Congress,” said McGlasson.

“We are seeking interested persons to join our campaign for Marter for Congress.”


Man Who Beat Congressman Donald Manzullo Being Challenged by James Marter — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you, James!

    Kinsinger needs to find a real job!

    Kinsinger sure has forgotten about the Republican Party platform!!

  2. The 16th Congressional District, currently held by Republican US Representative Adam Kinzinger, arcs around the collar counties from the Wisconsin border to the Indiana border.

    It includes all of Boone County and DeKalb County. > Candidates (top of screen) > Running for Office > Maps and Description > 2011 Congressional District Map – Statewide

    The primary election will be held on Tuesday March 20, 2018.

  3. I live in Rockford in Winnebago County and heard Congressman Kinzinger state that he fully supports the Supreme court’s ruling on same-sex marriage. He is also a supporter of amnesty for illegals and is co-sponsor of HR 1468. He is supporting Pro-abortion Rauner instead of Pro-life Jeanne ives. he had supported Pro-abortion Mark kirk against Marter in spring 2016. help support marter defeat kinzinger and also Jeanne Ives to defeat Rauner

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