Franks Push for Patronage Employees’ Approval Gains Victory in Second Committee

It’s now 2-1.

Jack Franks

The McHenry County Board’s Internal Services Committee dissed McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ push to legitimize the two patronage positions which were irregularly filled by County Administrator Peter Austin Christmas time last year.

Then, the Human Resources Committee approved them.

Yesterday, the Finance Committee gave 4-3 approval to the re-classification resolution.

Voting in favor were

  • Chris Christensen
  • Mary McCann
  • Mike Skala
  • Larry Smith

Voting in opposition were

  •  Yconne Barnes,
  • Jim Heisler
  • Chuck Wheeler


Franks Push for Patronage Employees’ Approval Gains Victory in Second Committee — 12 Comments

  1. Did the Finance Committee vote for the original resolution, or the resolution as amended by the Human Resources Committee?

    If they voted for the original resolution, then it is one committee for and one against, not two for and one against.

  2. What will the NEXT McHenry County Board Chair do with these unnecessary, no-show, patronage workers?

    Will Peter Austin please post the work product of these employees (other than, Peter Austin attesting that they did 37.5 hours of work (of unspecified nature) per week (at unspecified locations) in response to FOIA request?

  3. Someone has some very bad pictures of someone.

    Nothing else makes sense about how these people are voting against their own interests time after time.

  4. It gets awfully old when Peter Austin keeps saying that this whole issue of the patronage employees is some problem that was thrust upon him to solve.

    He is not any kind of victim here; he and Jack Franks are the two cocreators of this mess.

  5. Christensen, Skala, Smith, McCann – Please remove the (R) from behind your name.

    When you ran as a Republican you agreed to:

    “• Advancing our founding father’s principles of freedom, opportunity, and limited
    • Caring for the dignity and value of every individual;
    • Providing strong leaders who serve both State and Country with honor and

    NONE of you are “strong leaders” and you are sure not advancing my freedom or working toward “limited government”.

    Yvonne, Jim and Chuck: Thank you!!

  6. Blahahahaha. See, no xare what you people rant about Blahahahahaha

  7. The issue here is not R’s and D’s It is one man’s quest for power and the fact that he is willing to fleece the taxpayers in pursuit of his own personal ambitions.

    The only reason for the extra employees is to free Franks up to run for higher office and help generate favorable publicity for that end.

    If he wants to spend his own money or his campaign’s money that is one thing, but he is using the taxpayer’s money while claiming to be their champion.

    What a hypocrite!

  8. I hope he does run for higher office.

    Maybe the board won’t be such a circus.

  9. Swamp, why, if you do not approve of all these issues, do you constantly point at Franks and his “quest for power” and constantly serve as apologist for the R’s that allow these issues?

  10. Fed: I am not apologizing for anybody.

    The people who are enabling Franks, regardless of party affiliation, should be criticized.

    Franks is ruining county government.

    He has turned it into a circus.

    His only purpose is to generate headlines for himself so he can run for something else.

    Now he is pushing to do something which is blatantly illegal (eliminate pensions for elected officials) just to get the headlines for making the attempt.

    He will then go after anyone who doesn’t vote for it by saying that they “voted against removing pensions for elected officials” without mentioning that the whole thing was illegal.

    They will not have the money to push back.

    State’s Attorney has been rumored.

    If he ever becomes States Attorney, everyone should move out of the county as so far he has threatened multiple people on multiple occasions with prosecution for non existent crimes.

    The only thing that is stopping him is that he doesn’t have that power.

    If he ever gets it he will terrorize the whole county like he has terrorized the County Board.

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