Barb Wheeler Reveals New Approach to Springfield

As reported by the Illinois News Network:

Retiring state Rep. Barb Wheeler, R-Crystal Lake, said Rauner’s signing of a bill expanding public funds to pay for abortions after pledging a veto was enough for her and many others to write off the freshman governor completely.

Barb Wheeler

“Quite frankly, it makes us all free agents in regards to what happens in the veto session,” she said.

“This veto session is going to be very different than what he probably could have expected had he stayed with us when we asked him to.”

Wheeler thinks Republicans should take little stock in Rauner’s wishes in respect to the coming veto overrides.

“They should represent their district, not taking into consideration what the will or want is of the governor,” she said.


Barb Wheeler Reveals New Approach to Springfield — 7 Comments

  1. They should have been representing their districts for their entire tenure rather than representing their special interest groups..

  2. Exactly, Fed Farmer,exactly.

    She’s proven herself to be what we all suspected she was. No different than any of the other whores in the legislature. I’ll do whatever it takes to get reelected and promise to represent the interests of my constituency whenever it is to my advantage.

  3. Just finished a book on the compromise of 1850 when great statesmen like Clay, WEBSTER, Houston, Foote and Douglas held firm on principles at great political expense, even reelection.

    Something you rarely find at the State and Federal level today.

    But One diamond which comes to mind is Jeanine Ives from Wheaton.

    A West Pointe Grad and a woman of principle.

  4. idk representing your constituents has gotten us into a lot of problems too.

    Everybody wants to take home the bacon…

    Must be a tough job to try to balance out the interest of your constituents, the interest of the state, and your personal views.

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