Woodstock Mural Dedicated

Designed by Michael Stanard and painted by M.J. Adamany, the mural is painted on the wall of the building north of the movie theater.

There are four panels:

  • Chester Gould / Dick Tracy
  • Orson Welles
  • the movie “Groundhog Day”
  • Stars of the Opera House

The completed mural at night.

Tthe Mural Project Steering Committee was composed of Tina Hill, John Puzzo, Michael Stanard, Susan Stelford and Terry Willcockson.

The Dick Tracy panel was where painted M.J. Adamany began.

In early August the panel entitled, “Stars of the Opera House” had been completed.

Michael Stanard designed the project.

Donations are still being accepted.

Future plans include statues of Orsen Wells and a groundhog near the parking lot behind the movie theater.

See the web site http://woodstockmural.org/.


Woodstock Mural Dedicated — 11 Comments

  1. Could the entire project be more predictable?

    There have got to be more ‘artists’ around than Stanard.

  2. How much will this end up costing the taxpayers to maintain and correct when graffiti hits? (over and over)

    This is also a corridor no one sees.

    It’s on a one way street where the cars travel away from the mural not toward it.

    It’s very nice today (as the paint is barely dry) but is a liability to upkeep and no help to the town, taxpayers, retail, etc.

    Woodstock doesn’t seem to have their priorities in order.

  3. Why not a panel of our paparazzi sunshine blogger and his ugly cat? There is still room in the street itself, so everybody can step on them as they pay their respects…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. Well good morning my curmudgeons. You all never cease to amaze me with all your positive comments and understanding of well being.

  5. The groundhog is Woodstock’s answer to the Hebron basketball.

  6. Woodstock had a chance to go in a different direction this year and failed miserably!!

    This town has very little appeal to anyone.

    They think build it and they will come.

    Oh that is right they built the homeless home and guess what they came!

    The city refuses to do anything about the people loitering, drinking on the benches, and literally putting themselves in sleeping bags in and around the square!

    The Mayor is spineless and so are the City Council Members! The town continues to go downhill!

  7. Crap passing for art is what you get when the LGBT gang are running your town. Tom is amazed yet he is totally in the dark as to the agenda surrounding all of this hoopla.

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