Jack Franks Acting Like the Boss of All County Employees

Found this story on LyingJackFranks.com, a campaign web site that seems to have legs.

Its title is

“Lying Jack Franks Using ‘County Employee Surveys’ As a Means to Indoctrinate County Workers On Taxpayer Dime”

It seems, according to County Board member Donna Kurtz, that McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks is holding meetings with county government employees in which neither supervisors, County Board members nor the public are allowed admittance.

That’s what came out on October 4th at the Human Relations Committee.

Donna Kurtz

 I have heard from various employees that there has been divisive comments made, that have been disparaging about various county board members,” Kurtz said.

“So here’s my point,” she continued, arguing for transparency.

“Let’s eliminate that kind of possible accusation occurring.

“And let’s not restrict anyone from coming to these meetings, and by the way, it should be joint.

“It shouldn’t be the Chairman is going to talk to employees, and managers can’t come, and county board members can’t come.

“That’s not healthy.”


Jack Franks Acting Like the Boss of All County Employees — 23 Comments

  1. So Franks won’t speak to Board members or attend committee meetings to support his initiatives (explain the need for two employees to serve the Chair; forward legal evidence that pensions can be taken away from Elected Officials) but he can hold meetings with county employees to ‘help improve the work environment’?

  2. Corporate surveys are a very common practice by Fortune 500 companies to better understand how to improve the business.

    It’s laughable that Cal Skinner or Fierabras (the lackadaisical content creator of lyingjackfranks.com) would take issue to a survey.

    It also shows just how out of touch Skinner and Lake County Resident Fierabras are.

  3. Let’s be honest FairPlay. Donna and the rest of the gang don’t really want to hear from employees. If they did, maybe they would change their thoughts due to the dysfunction. But then again, that starts at the top with the board itself.

  4. The best thing of this story is the reliable source…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. @Facts Please –

    I definitely agree that Kurtz & Company aren’t interested in a functioning government. What’s great news is that we can remove Mike Walkup from the list of crazies. He posted the below message on Facebook this weekend:

    ”I am unfriending all of my “conservative” friends. The “conservative” position is bankrupt. It does not address the key problems that we have in America today:

    (1) Loss of production to oversees competition and automation;
    (2) Global Climate Change; (yes, it is real and caused or aggravated by human activity;
    (3) Increasing gun violence;
    (4) Lack of affordable health care as a Right for all citizens;
    (5) too much money spent in the military which could be used to help solve the above.”

    THANK YOU, MIKE!!!! I’m happy to see you taking a huge leap forward the direction of a functional government.


  6. Is it a survey, meetings, or both?

    The county board has no role in whatever it is?….just Jack Franks?

  7. From the Fake News Dept:

    Only a fool like the one who posted above believes that climate change is anthropomorphic.

    This has been disproven and can be verified with a bit of research, but that won’t
    stop the Leftists from repeating that mantra ad nauseam hoping to convince the gullible
    low info voters to become true believers.

    The alternative world of the Left is a danger to society and their beliefs must be
    refuted with facts derived from unbiased science.

  8. Honest Abe – Please point me to ONE study you have read that refutes human involvement in climate change.

    I doubt you have read one study. If you had, you would see there is a near 99% consensus amongst climatologist and scientists that climate change is real and human activity resulting in green house gas emissions results in an acceleration of global climate change. Note, I did not say “global warming.” I said, “climate change.” Please research both before you respond with the typical ignorant reply, “The earth naturally warms and cools cyclically.” You are right! No one disputes that! What we dispute is the acceleration of the change, which, indeed is exasperated by human activity.

    I doubt you have done research into the subject. Please find a study, a real scientific study – not some link to a blog or a posting online, but a real, scientific study by credentialed scientists supporting your drivel.

    Walkup is being honest and ethical in pointing to the FACTS. THANK YOU MIKE!!!!

  9. FairPlay. I saw that post. I’m shocked! Bravo Mike Walkup, if indeed he truly feels that way.

  10. I have one question?

    Where is the most troubling countries that have the worst emissions in the World?

    Is their a ranking system.

    And by the way the best way to get to better emissions is of course the private sector.

    Who drives what we want?

    The people!

    If you want better emissions then start forking over for it to save the planet!

    Start having your food in the back yard for mulch!

    Start doing your part!

    Most unfortunately are nothing but lip service!

    If you want it then change!

    Hollywood elites who have the money won’t even do it!

    If over 50% want it then it should be know problem selling it!

  11. Back to the article..

    Jack Franks is a mircomanager!

    He does what he wants.

    From what I understand a survey was put out to employees.

    The HR committee from what they have said is they are trying to better communicate with its employees.

    Jack wants people to email him directly with complaints.

    So bypass any Dept. Head or even elected official.

    You can’t please everyone and staff is suppose to deal with that!

    Doesn’t Jack have a sister in law out at Valley Hi!

    Nice plant for him there!

  12. The “round mound” ran for County Board Chair for one reason (imo): GET CONTROL OF THE COUNTY CASH FLOAT.


    Anyone who can control which bank gets to make money from the $175,567,443 (your money the County had in interest bearing accounts at the end of August) and a cash flow intake of $190,024,020 plus the outflow of $209,559,994 can garner a lot of favor in this country!

    Add them together folks!

    Over half a billion dollars ( YOUR dollars) are planned to be used by the “round mound” to get whatever he wants.

    I would predict that the “round mound” does not run for any other political office – seriously – too much work!

    And daddy knows the “round mound’ would never make it in the legal world (family law firm) so he is setting his sonny boy up in the banking business.

    The “round mound” will try ‘anything’ to replace / discredit / intimidate any County Board member or other County wide office holder to achieve daddy’s assigned goal.

    He is a Hilary Clinton acolyte.

    He will have the fully support of the NWH to achieve that goal.

    Only the voters can stop him by electing Board members, Judges, a Clerk, and a Treasurer who will not bow to the self-anointed king.

  13. Riddle of the day: “what’s the difference between Franks and Kim Jong Un?”

    A. The haircut.

    Prize: 1st resident to be seated in the “Honored Guest Section” of the County Board Room. (If Franks hasn’t already made his list, perhaps he’ll use the one he sent to Blago years ago, with a few updates.)

  14. Fake News of the Week: “Jack Franks wants to bilk the taxpayers for a half-a-billion dollars.”

  15. As a former McHenry County Treasurer I can tell you the Treasurer, not the Board Chairman or the Board decides where money is deposited.

  16. When the Clintons hang hopefully all their acolytes will hang with them.

  17. Employee surveys ARE commonplace in the private sector and the “Deeper dives” are administered by the HR department and them alone.

    This ensures that the employees can speak freely, and the leadership can expect that the feedback they get is unmarred by political bias.

    Jack had no business there.

    His presence robbed the participants of their voice and prevented the elected and hired leaders of the county from receiving the unbiased feedback of the employees.

    Now he has turned a valuable tool into a not-so-well disguised political commercial for himself and against “The Crazy Caucus” (Jack’s words from one of the meetings).

    Yes, I was at one of these meetings and am ashamed of what our county government has become.

  18. Thanks Fair Play. I got a good laugh over your reciting your brainwashing of 99% consensus. Even huge fools know that is such pure hogwash, that your saying that made me laugh.

  19. Not a good or ethical matter if it is true that Jack is speaking to groups of county workers/employees and is specifically excluding managers and supervisors.

  20. First, a TRUE leader interested in the employees and the organization would gather information to improve the workplace environment . NOT utilize the opportunity for political grandstanding, crying poor me, and bashing the managers and board of directors. ESPECIALLY not in the private sector.

    Second, what interest does the chairman have in the investments of he County?

    Can we find out if his banking interests have any relation to any county investments?

    And did he claim this on his economic interest statement?

    Is it proper that he profit on any county money?

  21. As a former County Treasurer, let me repeat that the Treasurer decides where to put excess county money, not the County Board Chairman.

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