Judges on Parade in Marengo

Marengo High School Band

Marengo Settlers Days Parade is the best parade in McHenry County.

North Boone High School was the second band to pass by.

The reason?

This high school band’s banner was blowing so much in the wind that it can’t be read.

It has more bands than any other parade, some of which have NONE.

The bottom of the Sandwich High School Band banner was held in place by a frame.

That’s because of the band contest after the parade at Marengo High School.

This high school band did not have a banner and someone else will have to decode the “M/R” on its members’ uniforms.

But the bands are not what this article is about.

The other high schools which came to Marengo to participate in an after-parade band contest were from small schools. For at least the second time, Evanston Township High School made the trip out into the country.

McHenry County has two judgeships up for election and, if retiring Judge Michael Caldwell retires early enough, there could be three (otherwise a long tradition in McHenry County will continue with the current judges appointing a replacement for Caldwell who will have to run for elect in 2020).

The first is a countywide race.

There are four candidates, three of which were in the parade:

  • Mary McClellan
  • Robert Wilbrandt
  • Demetri Tsilimigras
  • Ray Flavin

All but Flavin were in the Marengo parade.

There is a second race for what is the western part of McHenry County.

There are two candidates:

  • Joel Berg
  • Tiffany Davis

Now that you know the line-ups, let’s look at their parade entries in the order they appeared.

First was McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan, who can be seen riding in a convertible.

Mary McClellan campaigning for a countywide seat in Marengo.

Second was Associate Judge Joel Berg. He is walking in front with the orange cap.

Joel Berg’s parade entry.

Third up was Tiffany Davis. She can be seen walking toward the south side of Route 23 behind the banner, which was blowing in the wind.

Tiffany Davis’ parade entry.  She is seen walking from the east to the west side of the street in the middle of her banner.

Bob Wilbrandt was the next judicial candidate. He can be seen waving behind his banner.

Robert Wilbrandt was walking right behind his banner, which seemed to be weighted at the bottom.

Demetri Tsilimigras rode with his wife in a convertible behind his banner.

Demetri Tsilimigras’ banner featured his first name.

Everyone knows the most important part of local parades.

It’s candy.

Parents who want the kids to maximize their candy take need to be near the beginning of the parade, because entrants invariably give away more there than after the halfway point.


Judges on Parade in Marengo — 15 Comments

  1. Davis is walking east to west on a north-south highway/street.

    If you can’t get a simple thing like street directions correct, how much stock will people place in your other comments, Cal?

    The devil is in the details and you manage to screw them up.

  2. And Mary McClellan picked a great day to get some sunshine and totally waste her day.

    She couldn’t judge a hog calling contest (conflict of interest aside)!

  3. Interesting that the two smuggest candidates opted to be chauffeured rather than walking the arduous 0.8 mile parade route.

    Could be reflective of their willingness to put in work.

  4. Shame on you, Cal, making a directional mistake.

    I’m actually surprised that Tiffany was behind her own banner.

    Somebody must have helped her.

  5. I have never heard Demetri T described as smug.

    McClellan, yes.

    He also had the best parade presentation of all of the judge candidates.

    Cool car, a couple dozen people handing out candy and calendars and some other things i didnt catch.

    But what really won my respect was handing out US Constitution booklets.

  6. Title for this thread should have read:

    “Corruption and Incompetency on Parade!”

  7. Why wouldn’t Davis take her husband’s name?

    Why did Wilbrandt run?

    Is Berg a citizen?

    Why isn’t McClellan in jail?

    These are all questions the candidates refuse to answer!

  8. …and typical of the way she performs her duty as McHenry County Clerk (especially on election day),

    I was genuinely surprised the Mary McClellen’s banner wasn’t being carried upside down.

  9. >Why wouldn’t Davis take her husband’s name?

    Because he needs it. You can’t just take someone’s name away from them.

    >Why did Wilbrandt run?

    Because walking is too slow.

    >Is Berg a citizen?

    Sovereign citizen or citizen citizen? In either event, yes.

    >Why isn’t McClellan in jail?

    Because hiding evidence in a civil case isn’t a crime.

  10. Dmitri is not smug.

    I’ve twice had him on the opposite side of cases, and found him diligent and prepared, friendly and professional.

    These judicial candidates all have records as lawyers, judges, and politicians, so find something factual if you want to criticize. Some suggestions:

    1. What breadth of experience do they bring?

    2. Civil? Criminal? Juries? Juvenile court?

    3. If they are sitting judges, look at their past evaluations.

    4. Records of ARDC or other court discipline?

    5. Other life or career experience that matters?

    6. Have they run a successful private practice or other business?

    This is a local trial court.

    Their opinions on the big hot-button political issues do not matter much, because those matters are decided by appellate courts.

    More important are local political ties, and how that might affect them in the bench.

  11. I don’t think Demetri is smug in his day-to-day life.

    I think he is incredibly smug to put himself up for judge when his career peaked in a misdemeanor courtroom.

  12. Sorry I misspelled Demetri’s name.

    Dmitri is the Russian spelling, and he is definitely not Russian.

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