15-1 Test Vote on Repealing Cook County Soda Tax

As the Cook County Board was considering repealing the sweetened beverage tax, I was sipping a Diet Coke in Schaumburg.

Note it was a “Diet” Coke.

The “D” on the top of this soft drink from Portillo’s shows that it has no sugar.
Even so, the Cook County tax, supposedly on sugar, was charged at a penny an ounce.

You can see a “D” on the top of the cap on the container from Portillo’s.


15-1 Test Vote on Repealing Cook County Soda Tax — 7 Comments

  1. From the net Cal.

    While 100 percent juice is exempt from the new Cook County sweetened beverage tax, drinks with sugar or other sweeteners added will incur the penny-per-ounce tax as of Aug. 2, 2017.

    If you drink 100 percent fruit or vegetable juices, you won’t pay any more than you do now.Aug 1, 2017

  2. And Toni Taxwinkle didn’t even have the decency (courage) to show up
    to the meeting.

    Typical DEMOCRAT coward.

  3. The Rahmster’s hit on Preckwinkle continues.

    After the Van Dyke coverup, Rahmster won’t draw flies in the Black areas, so he is taking down the most powerful Black opponent prior to re-election.

    They both deserve to go down.

  4. It was for the children for goodness sake.

    Of course, those with the golden ticket for free stuff, aka WIC, were exempt.

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