McHenry County Board Member Donna Kurtz Not Running for Third Term

McHenry County Board member Donna Kurtz is officially announcing her retirement.

Donna Kurtz Will Not Seek Re-Election to the McHenry County Board

Donna Kurtz (R-Crystal Lake) formally announces she will not seek reelection for a fourth term to the McHenry County Board.

She will serve through her current term which ends November 2018.

A clue that Donna Kurtz might not run for re-election was the absense of her Kurtzmobile in the Crystal Lake and Lake in the Hills Parades.

“It has been an honor to serve the people of this County for what will be eight years and approximately five years on the McHenry County College Board of Trustees,”she said.

“However, after thirteen years of elected office I believe this is the right time to finish up this term so I can focus on professional goals and challenges that are important to me and my family.”

Kurtz is proud of the record of accomplishments that she and others on the Board have worked to achieve to address quality of life, transparency / honesty, and fiscal responsibility in McHenry County.

During her remaining 13 months on the County Board she will continue to address these areas.

However, Kurtz states,

“Perhaps what I will miss most is the job of addressing my constituents’ requests regarding taxation, social services, zoning, and workforce concerns and needs.

“Many times, it is the direct contact with my constituents that has given me an opportunity to make a positive impact in their lives.”

Kurtz hopes others will consider running for County Board.

“New ideas and energy is critical to our County.

“In addition, I hope that the person who is elected to take my place will have the business acumen to make sound financial decisions, and the integrity and principles to speak truth to power when needed.”


McHenry County Board Member Donna Kurtz Not Running for Third Term — 7 Comments

  1. She has always been a RINO.

    Her mom, too.

    Good riddance to this dynasty.

  2. Donna is a hard worker and highly principled.

    I am sorry to see her go.

  3. Donna Kurtz = diligent, informed, conscientious, responsive, principled, scrupulous, and stout. Whether you agree with her views or not, her service to our
    community should be a model for the other 23 on that board.

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