Algonquin Township – Appropriations v. Bills, Legal Fees

The Algonquin Township meeting on Wednesday was pretty peaceful.

Trustee David Chapman was missing from the October Algonquin Township Board meeting.

No Operating Engineers Local 150 balloon rats.

Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser explained that he had adequate money in his budget to pay the legal bill.

No room crowded with angry citizens.

The biggest issue was whether a bill could be paid for $23,512 to attorney Robert Hanlon for Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser out of a line item in which there was insufficient money.

That was brought up by Trustee Melissa Victor.

It was not that there was not enough money in the Road District budget, it was that money had to be transferred into the line item in question before the legal bill could be paid and such a transfer was not on the Township Board agenda.

That brought up another question from Victor.

She wondered why the Dennis Road Bridge had been paid even though there was not enough money in the specific line item to cover the multi-hundred thousand dollar bill.

After the meeting Trustee Rachael Lawrence said she had read documents saying that McHenry County government would reimburse the Road District for most of the amount.

That still left the question of what legal authority could be used to authorize such bill payments before reimbursement.

Dennis Road Bridge

Another legal bill was questioned, but paid.

It was $15,480.50 to former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s attorney, Tom Gooch.

Gooch had sued the township for payment for his $400 an hour representation.

Some of the legal fees will be reimbursed by TOIRMA, which stands for Township Officials of Illinois Risk Management Association.

Township Attorney Jim Kelly reported that this risk management agency had agreed to pay up to the maximum limit, which is $50,000 with a $30,000 deductible.

Legal fees found eligible for reimbursement include those of former employees Bob and Anna May Miller, Clerk Karen Lukasik and Supervisor Chuck Lutzow.

Brought to the Board’s attention by Steeple Run Subdivision President Herb Block was the incorrigibility of current rules that grass be no higher than eight inches.

After the meeting Block and Lutzow met to see if the township ordinance could be improved.


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  1. The plot thickens to over $100k plus back pay and interest.
    Department ordered to rehire 3 fired Local 150 employees
    By ED KOMENDAEmailFollow
    12:17 am

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