Expansion of Slot Machines

Found this paragraph in a Sunday piece by Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown:

In the five years since video gambling in bars and restaurants was legalized in Illinois, the industry has exploded with 27,649 machines at 6,266 locations–the equivalent of 23 new casinos.


Expansion of Slot Machines — 18 Comments

  1. So Cal is your pal Gasser going to reinstate thos 3 victims this week now that he has been court indexed to do Do?

    Or is he going too see if that judge will really put him in jail, what a loser!

  2. And I have NOT put one single quarter in the machines, but I have watched dozens of others enjoy the gaming.

    Purely a matter of choice.

  3. Phffft! Pretty sad state of affairs while we are being attacked and exterminated by the new world order that we still remain so concerned with issues such as this. We are all Nero now; if we fail to wake up to the horrific geoengineering terrorism, while the poisoning of our air, food and water, still goes on completely in your face.

  4. I have been saying for a good while now, that the creepy critters, keep poking their heads up out of the swamp.

    Well as you can see, we won’t even need a Search Party, to find the Commies.

    As you can see, Our Fallen Angel, once again, has exposed himself.

  5. Cal, your Blog is becoming increasingly the home to many misfits that are only interested in their own misguided opinions offering only silly bluster.

  6. The expansion of gambling to the utter outer reaches is just another sign of a bankrupt society and materialistic culture.

    These slot’ softwares are rigged even worse than the Indian Casinos and Vegas!

    Don’t be a fool.

  7. Fidel Castro is alive…he was seen gambling in a slot machine at an undisclosed location of beautiful McHenry county…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. Slots and lotteries = popular tax on those who can least afford it.

  9. Angel has unwittingly revealed his dead idol, Sweet Fidel.

    The fallen angel must be thinking of him constantly.

    One fine day Angel may ironically find himself victim the victim of one of Castro’s favorite tactics – eliminating the opposition.

  10. Angel’s weird stream-of-consciousness rants used to stick out. Reading this series of bizarre posts they blend right in.

  11. Sunshine blogger: please honor your tradition and contact the authorities about this latest death threat…tic, tock, tic, tock…

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