Five Countywide Elected Officials in IMRF Pension Program, Four Not

Since the subject of Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund pensions will be discussed at tomorrow night’s McHenry County Board meeting, I think folks might be interested in seeing which ones are currently participating in pension program.  They follow:

Not on the list of those in IMRF are

  • Coroner Anne Majewski (by choice)
  • Sheriff Bill Prim (by choice)
  • Board Chairman Jack Franks (by County Board ordinance)
  • Recorder Joe Tirio (by choise)


Five Countywide Elected Officials in IMRF Pension Program, Four Not — 12 Comments

  1. How many of those five had IMRF from previous employment, and how many years already in that pension system or any other pension system?

    How about a list of elected officials that take the County healthcare?

  2. Imagine that…. full-time employees taking advantage of retirement and (probably) health insurance benefits available to them from their employers.

    Anyone who doesn’t do the same at their job has no business commenting here.

  3. Health insurance costs for County Board, not including dental.

    Aavang,Michele R $21,374.20
    Barnes,Yvonne M. $16,505.76
    Bates,Katherine V $0.00
    Christensen,Chris $27,583.68
    Gottemoller,Joe $21,374.20
    Hammerand,John D $12,779.40
    Heisler,James L $11,818.68
    Jung Jr,John P $21,374.20
    Kearns,James A $27,583.68
    Kopsell,Donald C $21,374.20
    Kurtz,Donna M $21,374.20
    McCann,Mary $11,818.68
    Nowak,Robert C $7,068.84
    Rein,Michael R $9,668.16
    Reinert,John J $21,374.20
    Skala,Michael J $27,583.68
    Smith,Larry W $11,818.68
    Spoerl,Christopher $0.00
    Thorsen,Jeffrey T $21,374.20
    Walkup,Michael J $11,818.68
    Wheeler,Charles S $21,374.20
    Wilbeck,Thomas W $12,779.40
    Wilcox,Craig A $0.00
    Yensen,Paula E $0.00

    Franks,Jack D $20,619.96

    total for County Board = $380,440.88 annually

  4. Xout42

    THx, do you have a link for that info?

    I asked Wilbeck when he was running for office many times if he was taking healthcare, he either said nothing or waltzed out a answer.

    His campaign talking points don’t match his actions since being elected.

  5. Paula Yensen, Chris Spoerl, and Kay Bates don’t take the insurance and are useless on the board!

    Is that what you want representing you?

    You sometimes get what you pay for.

    Give school district elected officials say $5000 plus healthcare and you would see a lot more people running for those positions!

    Nothing good is free now a days.

    Yes we have to be smart with what kinds of benefits and how much they are but to give nothing.

    Well good luck with that.

  6. whynot,

    Your reasoning for providing health insurance to part time board members is sketchy at best.

    The are “useless” people on the Board who DO take insurance.

    Many of those on the board are using it for personal gain, as do school board members.

  7. You want competition or not?

    Yes you are right that there are useless members on the board that do take it.

    But do you talk to all your board representatives and ask them how many hours they put in?

    How much time they do research?

    How much time they talk to constituents?

    I have talked with some in my district and some outside and they put in a lot of time.

    I would say it is the hardest elected job in the County being on the County Board.

    Committee meetings that are during the day.

    Some have other jobs or businesses that they take time away.

    Meetings that last 4 hours.

    Some people are retired and take Medicare such as Yensen.

    Wilcox is retired veteran.

    Yes there are always going to be people that use something as personal gain.

    Franks has a $2,000,000 nest egg just waiting for him.

    School Boards get people on them because there kids are in school and they want them protected.

    So they always do whats in the best interest of there kids.

  8. I also declined the reterment when elected Mchenry Township Clerk

  9. Northwest Herald

    Illinois’ Pension Chief: Taking Pensions Away from Elected County Officials is Illegal

    by Ed Komenda

    October 18, 2017

    “Louis Kosiba, executive director of the $35.8 billion Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, showed up to the McHenry County Board meeting Tuesday night to let board members and the public know Chairman Jack Franks’ resolution to kill pensions for all elected county officials is illegal.”


    Audio of the county board meeting:

    McHenry County Board Meeting Portal

    October 17, 2017 at 7PM

    County Board – Regular Meeting


  10. Make that video.

    The county videotaped the board meeting.

    Was this the first videotaped McHenry County board meeting?

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