County Board Adding Video to Audio Tonight

Following in the footsteps of Crystal Lake, Algonquin Township, McHenry Township, Woodstock, etc.

McHenry County is finally allowing taxpayers to see as well as hear what goes on at County Board meetings.

At the last meeting of Algonquin Township, it was reported that there were over 400 views of the meeting before.

Algonquin Township and Crystal Lake have a person who points the camera at whoever is speaking, while McHenry Township, the last time I attended a meeting, had a stationary camera.

Hope the County follows their examples.

The page to access tonight’s 7 PM meeting is here.


County Board Adding Video to Audio Tonight — 4 Comments

  1. I hope it’s in HD so Jack’s beefy face, when it gets all red, shows up.

  2. It was interesting watching Franks briefing his stooges before the meeting started.

    And, shining the spotlight on himself at every opportunity.

    Yes, Cindy.

    It WAS nauseating.

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