Rauner’s Tax Return on $90.7 Million Income in 2016

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner:

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner:

Gov. Rauner releases tax returns

Bruce Rauner

CHICAGO (Oct. 17, 2017) — Gov. Bruce Rauner today released his 2016 federal and state 1040s, reflecting income and tax rates, while detailing the Rauner family’s charitable and community giving last year.

In 2016, the Rauners paid more than $22.9 million in federal and state taxes on federal taxable income of $73 million and state taxable income of $91 million. Their federal effective tax rate on income was 26.59 percent.

In addition, the Rauners and their family foundation made charitable contributions totaling more than $6.6 million.

Rauner 2016 Tax Summary:

Total Income on Federal Return: $90,707,917

Adjusted Gross Income on Federal Return: $90,441,458

Taxable Income on Federal Return: $73,347,568

Federal Income Taxes Paid: $19,504,022

Federal Effective Tax Rate on Taxable Income: 26.6 percent

Federal Effective Tax Rate on Adjusted Gross Income: 21.5percent

Illinois Taxable Income on State Return: $91,354,858

Illinois Income Taxes Paid: $3,248,605


Rauner’s Tax Return on $90.7 Million Income in 2016 — 7 Comments

  1. And how many of millions, if not billions, has RINO Rauner cost the citizens of Illinois ?

  2. Pretty stunning how Rauner’s income has INCREASED since becoming Governor.

    He’s made more in the last two years while Governor than he made in the previous 5 years combined.

  3. Uh, Cal. That income all happened under Obama.

    Good try though.

  4. You are correct.

    We’ll have to wait until next year to see if the Trump stock market helped him.

    It surely has helped our family.

  5. Dow Jones Average 2016
    12/31/15 (close) 17,425
    11/9/16 (Day after election – open) 18,317
    12/30/16 (close) 19,762

    I’d say Trump’s surprise victory had more than a little to do with market performance in 2016.

  6. Great financial analysis! Send this guy to Fox business channel…tic, tock, tic, tock…

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