Lori Parrish Seeking District 3 McHenry County Board Seat

As the time for filing petitions for McHenry County offices approaches, another candidate has announced her intention to seek a seat on the McHenry County Board.

Her name is Lori Parrish.

She is the wife of Nunda Township Trustee Rob Parrish.

Her announcement press release follows:

Lois Parrish

Lori Parrish is running for McHenry County Board Member – District 3 in the upcoming Republican primary election.

Currently, Lori is the Director of Professional Development and Grants for Crystal Lake Elementary District 47.

Prior to pursuing a career in education, Parrish worked in the behavioral health field, in crisis intervention and needs assessment.

An alumni of Leadership Greater McHenry County, and a member of the Crystal Lake Fire and Police Board of Commissioners, Lori is dedicated to giving back to her community and seeks to make a difference in the lives of District 3 residents.

If elected, Lori’s knowledge and experience in Hospital Management, Human Resources, School Administration, and Professional Development will become assets for the evolving board.

Lori Parrish has a focus on implementing positive change by increasing cooperation within the board and efficiencies within the fiscal policies for the benefit of all county residents.


Lori Parrish Seeking District 3 McHenry County Board Seat — 16 Comments

  1. A elected official at a township, and a elected official on the county board.
    Kind of reminds me of another husband and wife combo that were always accused of conflict of interest.
    Is this really any different?

  2. Open the Books

    Lori R Parrish

    Crystal Lake Elementary District 47

    2016 – $106,496

    2015 – $104,790

    2014 – $104,890

    http://www.OpenTheBooks.com > Widget > State > Salaries > Recipient Name > Illinois > Parrish Lori

  3. $100,000+ to teach elementary school??!!!

    180 days a year!

    Highway robbery!

    It’s no wonder our taxes our out of control!!!!!

  4. And with Gonziorek you will have a former D 47 School Board member.

  5. Mrs. Parrish is the Director of Professional Development and Grants.

    Thus, she is in administration.

    Have not heard of any public school administrators being in a union.

    She most likely works at the district office, not at a school.

    Many in the district office work more than school days.

    The number of days she is required to work would be included in her contract which is available by submitting a FOIA request to the school district.


    Mrs. Parrish has been in Administration since coming to the district in 2003, first as an Assistant Elementary District Principal, then as an Assistant Director, and most currently as Director of Professional Development and Grants.

    Prior to coming to Crystal Lake CCSD 47, she was an elementary school teacher (first grade) in Wauconda District 118.

    She was an elementary school teacher for four years.

  6. Thus Mrs. Parrish has been employed by the public school district for 18 years.

    Thus she is part of the TRS (Teaches Retirement System) pension system, in Tier I.

    Tier I members can retire after 35 years of service at 75% of final average salary (75% of the average of the last 4 years worked).

    Years of service is typically less than years worked, due in large part to exchanging up to 340 days of unused sick days for 2 years of service credit.

    So if she never receives another raise, starting pension will be $106,496 x .75 = $79,872.

    That will increase 3% every year in retirement, due to 3% COLA.


    By reading Chapter 1.1 of Illinois Pension Scam by Bill Zettler, one can see how legislative benefit increases have hiked the pension payout.

    That chapter is titled, “IL Pensions: More Than 130 Benefit Increases Since 1970 Are The Major Cause of Unfunded Liability.”


    TRS is the biggest public sector pension system in Illinois, and is the single biggest fiscal challenge facing the state of Illinois, in large part due to the unfunded liability.

    The unfunded liability represents the amount that actuaries calculate should be in the pension fund, but is not.

    Since the unfunded liability is not in the pension fund, it is not earning investment returns.

    Investment returns should be the single largest contributor to a mature pension fund.

    Guess who makes up 100% of the missing investment returns?


    Big, big problem for taxpayers.

  7. Hmmm. she does 35 years of service and receives 79, 895.

    Our blogger Cal gets 75,000 for 24 years of “whatever he did”.

    She should get a raise, if we do a value added model.

    I get sick every time someone posts about someone’s pension on this blog when we all know Cal is in the middle of this “scam” every month.

  8. Who is/are her opponent(s).

    The Nob, she would probably not ever have the chance to vote on something effecting her husband’s practically voluntary trustee position from Nunda Township.

    It’s nothing at all like the lying, thieving, power abusing washed up couple you’re talking about.

    I presume you will be attending any debates or candidate forums and ask the question “Will you recuse yourself from voting for anything that could be perceived as a conflict of interest?”.

  9. No she does not do 35 years of service and receive $79,895, unless she does not receive another raise for the next 17 years of service.

  10. Casey, probably is not definitely.

    If she is assigned to the highway committee the same conflict could be probable.

    Even other county board committee action can effect the townships.

    What was said about the goose surly should apply to the gander.

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