Prayer Vigil and March to McHenry County Jail in Support of Detained Immigrants Sunday

Carlos Acosta

That’s pretty much what the flyer passed out at the candidates’ night held by the McHenry County Democratic Party at McHenry County College last night.

The request for attendance was from the first speaker, District 5 County Board candidate Carlos Acosta, but not in his role as candidate.

The otivation for the march and vigil is Sheriff Bill Prim’s not enforcing the TRUST Act, according to Acosta.

Here is the flyer that was distributed:

The back of the flyer was in Spanish.


Prayer Vigil and March to McHenry County Jail in Support of Detained Immigrants Sunday — 18 Comments

  1. By all means bring your cameras!

    Chances are you’ll be able to capture images of the elusive ‘Pink Pussy Hats’

    Join your fellow crypto-communists for a picnic lunch afterwords – or not?

    It’ll only be re-fried beans anyway.

  2. That should read “illegal aliens”, and as such a criminal.

    Lying by omission, next to outright lying, is one of the Left’s most useful tools.

    And as far as prayer goes, I pray that Trump deports them all – MAGA !

  3. Don’t detain them, ship them out.

    Take their families and friends with.

  4. Something tells me we won’t be praying for the same thing…

  5. I pray they don’t get raped or murdered by their little illegal darlings

  6. Carlos Acosta continues his very successful path in McHenry county politics. Join us at the vigil. May the good Lord bless all undocumented immigrants, their families and all countries of the world…Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. Sheriff Prim made the right decision. If you want to come into this Country do it the right way. These people know they are illegal and breaking the law. Send them home…. Also we are talking about CRIMINALS

  8. Interesting how the Democrat Party and many of their people promote goofy policies and practices that serve to destroy our Nation.

    That Party’s top leader in 2016 came out for open borders meaning that people from any country in the world can come into our Nation as they wish.

    That Democrat Party, which noticeably started its far leftward drift about 5 decades ago, was somewhat reasonable in their stand on illegal immigrants just a few decades ago.

    No less than their leader, Bill Clinton, referred to illegal aliens as such in his State of the Union speech in 1995.

    Today, goofballs at the top of that Party would refer to illegals as undocumented immigrants.

    Some in the media and some far leftist alleged leaders of that Party refer to illegal immigrants as simply immigrants.

    As if those who came into our Nation illegally are just as good in stature as are those who immigrated into our Nation using the legal process.

  9. Glad you posted this Cal.

    Sometimes you have to stir the pot to see the sludge at the bottom.

  10. I just don’t get it, what part of illegal that they don’t understand.

  11. The part that their indocrinated brains can’t wrap their head around. (That would be logic and common sense.)

  12. I pray that they have a safe journey back to their homelands and they repent for breaking the law.

  13. Will these Interfaith groups give up the massive tax breaks they receive in order to pay for the services illegal aliens receive?

    The component churches pay no property taxes on their property, including the houses in which the clergy live.

    The cash receipts they collect are usually tax deductible forcing the non-clergy to pay more to provide schools, medical care, food stamps, jail space, etc. for the illegals.

    When a church doesn’t supply a parsonage for its called clergy, they issue a stipend to the clergyman that is tax free.

    I have one client who gets $5000 a year in taxable income as clergy, and $45000 in a tax free housing allowance.

    He also runs a business during the week.

    The next time these liberal sanctimonious hypocrites get together outside the Unitarian Church, ask them to pay their fair share of the taxes to support the illegal aliens instead of using them as fund raising fodder.

  14. Any church or religion that supports or harbors illegal aliens in any way should have its tax exempt status rescinded.

    Leaders of churches or religions that support or harbor illegal aliens should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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