Judy Collins Visits Woodstock Wall Mural

After speaking at the Woodstock Fine Arts Association’s Creative Living Series at the Woodstock Opera House, singer Judy Collins walked down to the new wall mural on the walkway to the parking lot behind the movie theater.

Judy Collins by her star on the Woodstock, Illinois, wall mural.

Collins sung at the Opera House in 1985.


Judy Collins Visits Woodstock Wall Mural — 16 Comments

  1. The author of “Che” is Judy Collins. Radical leftists are what Woodstock really needs now.

  2. Once wrote a worship song of her idol, mass murderer Che Guevara.


  3. Don’t worry her cheap little star will be blotted out not to long from now, she’s a rat in human form!

    Cubanos HATE her!

    “Upon Che Guevara’s death, the bereaved “Sweet Judy Blue Eyes” herself sought solace in songwriting, composing a lovely ballad title “Che.” “You have it in your hand to own your life–to own your land” goes the chorus which represents Che himself consoling Bolivian campesinos who mourn their savior’ death.

    Attempting to own their own lives and land is precisely what got thousands of Cuban campesinos massacred by Che Guevara’s firing squads. American songstress millionaires certainly mourned Che’s death. But check out this last picture for a clue as to how Bolivian campesinos reacted.”

    excerpted from:


  4. Such hatred.

    No wonder the world is falling apart.

    Also for all of Christians, Jesus said love thy neighbor as thyself.

  5. karma? That’s why we rebuke and correct. You haven’t read your bible if you think otherwise!

  6. Karma: Please slither back to your spymaster Jacko Franks; and stop lecturing and hectoring Christians as to how they must think!

    If you don’t like this blog: Get OUT!

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