Family PAC Suggests Candidate Like Joe Walsh Challenge Bruce Rauner for Governor

Former Congressman and now WIND Talk Show Host Joe Walsh.

A letter dated October 11, 2017, from Family PAC Director Paul Caprio tells of Pro-Life groups having met and their resolving not to support Republican Bruce Rauner for Governor.

That’s not new information, but a sentence on the second page is:

“We are interviewing a number of candidates now and also pledged to support an independent candidate, like Joe Walsh, if necessary.”

The letter is below:


Family PAC Suggests Candidate Like Joe Walsh Challenge Bruce Rauner for Governor — 22 Comments

  1. What better way to start your God-fearing, gun-clinging Sunday than with a story like this! All family values, compassionate conservatives must give freedom-lover Joe Walsh our full support…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. I would vote for Joe any day over Rauner the RINO if he is willing
    to take on the challenge.

    At least we know where Joe really stands on the issues.

  3. What with his positions recently on illegal aliens and abortion, Rauner might just as well leave the Republican Party and become a Democrat.

    Many prominent Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, support illegal aliens and the killing of infants via their position of Pro-Choice(Death).

  4. Irresponsible charlatans like this are what make the republican party a joke (they are good winning elections though). On the one hand the assertion “the IFI is an organization that does not endorse candidates.” Then the audacity of stating “…we convened a meeting of 20 pro-family/pro-life organizations to recruit a strong pro-family candidate…” Dear Mr. Caprio, what is your position about the help babies of undocumented immigrants need? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. Joe the anti-American one and done wonder is a joke except with the lost losers.

  6. Walsh is the worst candidate to run a successful campaign in Illinois history.

    I wonder how long the Evangelical Right will keep supporting vile men who put on their right-wing credentials like a party hat.

    Walsh has more baggage to deal with than a Vegas bellhop.

  7. Walsh loves freedom. Isn’t that enough to make him a great candidate? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. Boy I hope he runs.

    He’d lose by a wider margin than Rauner in the general.

  9. The worst ever candidate to run a successful campaign in the US, or for that matter the world, is Barack Obama.

    The mostly left wing media covered up for this guy in his initial presidential campaign and throughout his miserable 8-years in office.

    Guess which Democrat prominent today in McHenry County brought Obama into the County many years ago to introduce him to Democrats.

    On Joe Walsh, he would demolish any Democrat in a debate.

  10. Joe Walsh loves guns; he also loves God. Not sure where Jesus stands into this mess…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  11. Re: “” Dear Mr. Caprio, what is your position about the help babies of undocumented immigrants need?”

    Interesting question from someone who supports death sentences be administered without a trial to the unborn.

  12. Good try with the deflection strategy. “Dear Mr. Caprio, what is your position about the help babies of undocumented immigrants need?” Perhaps we get an answer after he gets off his ride around Lake Michigan…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  13. LOL – Caprio wants to support the guy who was pro-choice when its convenient, and his amazing family values has led to Walsh not paying child support?

    Sounds like a swell guy.

  14. You’re an idiot, Alabama.

    Why would you pay child support for adult children? You sound like a snowflake! I am so sick of people dredging up non issues and repeating lies. Stop it, already! It makes your credibility extremely low when you keep doing that!

  15. They weren’t adult children at the time.

    Valiant effort though.

  16. I believe you are wrong, Alabama. But, I really don’t care. There are many more pressing issues, yet you bring up a dead one.

    The Walsh’s statement from April of 2012!

    “We both regret this public misunderstanding and the effect it has had on our children. Like many families, we have had our share of issues and made our share of mistakes over the years. Having resolved these issues together and cleared up these mistakes in private, we now agree that Joe is not and was not a ‘deadbeat dad’ and does not owe child support.

    We both have been loving and devoted parents to our children, ages 24, 21, and 17, and are happy to avoid a public legal fight hurtful to our entire family and look forward to caring for our children in private.”

    So, Alabama, shut up already, you moron!

  17. Paul Caprio has been a principled Conservative activist for decades and is worthy of a respectful hearing by Conservatives, Republicans, and Taxpayers(sorry for the redundancy).

    I hope a Conservative does run in the Primary, although he will be buried under a mountain of Rauner money.

    Third Party may be the only honorable way to go in November.

  18. Wow! Suggesting that Walsh should get in the race nearly two months after signature collecting started and several weeks after HB 40.

    I find it funny how people complain about Rauner so much, also complain about William Kelly (Rauner’s only declared primary challenger), yet they can be so sloppy.

    No wonder the right doesn’t win around here.

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