Nunda Township Trustee Ed Dvorak Resigns

Ed Dvorak

Re-elected in April, Nunda Township Trustee Ed Dvorak has resigned from the Board.

A long-time public servant, he previously served

  • on the Lakewood Village Board
  • as Nunda Township Road Commissioner
  • on the McHenry County Board

I hope to get a chance to interview him about his elected career, but he told me that when he lived in Lakewood he ran an oil distribution business.

He discovered that the sales tax his company was paying was credited to the City of Crystal Lake by the Illinois Revenue Department.

It was about $10,000 that was eventually sent to the Village of Lakewood.

Dvorak told me Lakewood bought a new police car with the money.


Nunda Township Trustee Ed Dvorak Resigns — 5 Comments

  1. Ed is a great guy, he will be missed for his common sense on the township board.

  2. It was widely assumed that Ed would not complete his term when he ran for it.

    He was on the ballot to keep other people out.

    However, the two Parrishes narrowly won board seats.

    Ed cannot vote on his own replacement once he resigns, and there is nothing to vote on until he does resign.

    That makes it a 2 to 2 tie with the Supervisor and his one remaining board ally.

    Someone will have to be found who would be acceptable to both sides.

  3. Dear Dinah,

    Maybe Fast Eddie was good, ‘once upon a time,’ but didn’t end good.

    Still, there are far worse than him.

    He’s only a C- on the politico list.

    Franks: F
    Jung: F
    Manzullo D
    Hill: D+
    Aavang: D
    Bates: F

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