Four Applicants for Nunda Township Trustee Vacancy

he resignation of Ed Dvorak from the Nunda Township Board created an opening to be filled by appointment.

Applicants follow:

William Boltz

William Boltz – Retired union carpenter who lives in Burton’s Bridge, is Republican Precinct Committeeman in Nunda 1 and a previous Township Trustee

Todd Lowenheim – Owner of an insurance agency, a resident of McHenry and a past member of the Chamber of Commerce’s Board where he was an organizer for Fiesta Days. Also served as a board member of a No Kill Animal Shelter, member of Kiwanis and trail coordinator for local snowmobile club.

Mike Shorten

Mike Shorten – Former Township Trustee who placed fifth in last spring’s election with four to be elected. Republican Precinct Committeeman for seven years, appointed Co-Chairman of County GOP. He describes his employment as “an enterprise level account manager for a Fortune 500 corporation.”  Also a spearhead of the township consolidation movement.

Justen Franzke – Ran for Township Assessor in the February GOP primary, operates Franzke Decoratingm (which has painted hospitals, restaurants, Wrigley Field, Arlington Park, a Texas military flight training center, etc.), is a license real estate agent with Barrington’s Keller Williams Real estate and operates a small business providing installing green energy installations called 855BulbMan.

The remaining members of the Nunda Township Board are split 2-2, with Supervisor Lee Jennings and Trustee Karen Tynis on one side and brothers Rob and Tim Parrish on the other.

The Parrish brothers ran on a slate with Shorten.

Coordinated signs for

Franzke was on the slate supported by Jennings.

The placement of signs in the February Republican Primary suggested an alliance.

In case of a tie vote on replacing a Trustee, Clerk Joni Smith breaks the tie.

Two of the applicants ran for Trustee in the February Republican Primary Election.  The unofficial final results (which might have changed by a little bit, but not substantially) follow:

Trustee (top four elected)

  • KAREN TYNIS (REP) 1,291 15.12%
  • MIKE SHORTEN (REP) 1,190 13.94%
  • EDWARD DVORAK (REP) 1,258 14.74%
  • WILLIAM BOLTZ (REP) 910 10.66%
  • TIM PARRISH (REP) 1,395 16.34%
  • ROBERT PARRISH (REP) 1,385 16.22%
  • DEBRA HEATH (REP) 1,092 12.79%


Four Applicants for Nunda Township Trustee Vacancy — 22 Comments

  1. I swear Shorten is going to be the Harold Stassen of McHenry County.

  2. At least he has balls enough to run.

    Most people would rather whine and complain.

  3. Mike and Justen have already been rejected by the voter’s.

    The Consolidation effort was poorly planned failure.

    Mike reminds me of Obama’s HOPE it will work out nonsense.

  4. William Blotz ran unsuccessfully for Nunda Township Trustee in the February GOP Primary Election as well.

  5. Todd doesn’t live on a township road either, which isn’t a positive deal.

    Another women should run to add more balance.

  6. Nob is an idiot.

    He lives by his own “truths” that he constantly makes up.

  7. There’s only one I’d vote for out of those four and that’s Mike Shorten.

    Best of luck, Mike. I wish I could vote for you.

  8. Jim, Cal had this typed above: “a resident of McHenry”.

    Is there a Nunda road within the legal bounderies of McHenry?

  9. Beats me, but Nunda Township certainly has the southern part of the City of McHenry.

  10. So Gadfly, I’m a idiot for following Cal’s lead, so is Cal a idiot also?

    Buzz buzz

  11. Karen Tynis is from the same area of Nunda Township with a McHenry zip code as Todd Lowenheim.

    Who’s the idiot now?

    Name calling very unbecoming.

  12. Have you ever sat in meeting with Shorten

    I ‘am glad I didn’t vote’ for him

    Parrish Boys like him because they all think they are KING KONG!!

    You ever sit in a meeting with the Parrish boy’s and I mean BOY’s

  13. I went to a couple of meetings and Dvorak seemed lost and did not seem to know what was being voted on and the tall guy that moved a couple of years ago was coaching him on how to vote.

    I think tall guy was a Jennings apologist.

    Dvorak has a street named after him, so I would guess that he benefitted from the same recognition that helped Walkup?

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