How To Encourage Police Theft

Take a look at the Chicago Tribune article about a police chief from Hometown who got probation after stealing $65,000.

Maybe former Hometown Police Chief Charles Forsyth doesn’t deserve a Crook County Blue Ribbon for his $65,000 theft of towing fees.

The money came from that fairly recent way municipalities scoop money out of miscreants’ pockets–“administrative fees” that have to be paid before a vehicle that has been towed can be retrieved from storage.

Even though this crook got probation and has to pay the money back, he copped to a felony, so will lose his police pension.

That’s the only real penalty.

Unbelievably, Cook County Judge Neera Walsh has allowed the felon to get another police job after his four-year probation is up.

But what should one expect from Crook County?


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