Sexual Harrassment in Springfield

Illinois State Capitol

Pretty hard to separate politics in a state capitol from sex.

Springfield women have come forth with some examples of what has happened to them.

Let me add what happened with a lobbyist from Material Service propositioned one of my constituents.

She was either lobbying on Ag Department wanting to kill horses that tested positive for encephalitis or against eliminating signs on lawns when they were sprayed with pesticides.

I can’t remember which crusade she was on.

I do remember her telling me that the lobbyist invited her to his hotel room and handed her his key.

They were at the Illinois Capitol rail on the third floor outside the Illinois House chamber.

What did my constituent do?

She dropped his key to the first floor.


Sexual Harrassment in Springfield — 3 Comments

  1. Taxpayer Harassment In Springfield should be the focus of attention first and foremost.

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