Orville Brettman Continues Ridicule of Incumbent Republican Opponents — 8 Comments

  1. It’s really hard to view Aavang or Smith as career politicians.

    Neither one has been around long enough (and hopefully they will NOT be) to be considered careerists.

    While they may, IMO, exhibit all the classic attributes:


    ignorance of the reason they were elected to represent us,

    fealty to someone looking to hijack the office to which he was elected in his quest for more power and a higher office,

    neither one is smart enough to last long in the faced paced game of “screw the public.” T

    hat is a lesson they will soon learn first hand.

  2. I wouldn’t call Brettman’s criticism ‘ridicule’ …

    It’s far more of a well-grounded and well-deserved ‘rebuke’ or ‘remonstrance’ of those fake Republicans.

    They are really Republirats.

  3. Is there some kind of test one can take to be certified as a “real” Republican?

    You’d say Bill Prim is a real Republican wouldn’t you Orv?

    Be he donated money to Democrat Mike Mahon.

    And is Bob Miller a Real Republican?

    The Sheriff donated money to him more than once.

    What if someone engaged in serious crimes against American Citizens, violating their Constitutional Rights, are they Real Republicans?

  4. Just? There is no such thing. Democraps and Republirats are both the same thing. You have been sucked into the paradigm that doesn’t exist if you believe in either.

  5. Cindy, I do agree that the two parties are not very much different. My original point is that who is Orv to decide who is a Republican? It used mean something, didn’t it?

    I don’t think he really represents the values of true Republicans. He says, “Our Constitution should be honored, valued, and upheld,” has a record of not respecting law and order.
    And as President Trump said, “If you are not guilty of a crime, what do you need immunity for?” at a campaign rally in Florida last September.

    He was not put in prison for trying to stop pollution in to the Fox River. John McGuire, regional EPA administrator, said “The village [sewer] system serves more than 25,000 people and it would be hard for us to make a case that there would be any devastating environmental impact by hooking up 11 additional homes.

    How dare he compare Michelle Aavang to feces?! Her record includes service with the McHenry County Farm Bureau Board,Greenwood Cemetery Board, McHenry County Fair Association, Trustee for the Village of Greenwood,4-H Club Leader, and 30 Years experience in business management.

    Orv was a 20 payroller at the FAA making more than $100k a year and still draws a HUGE pension.

    Now, I have no beef with Orv. But I don’t like seeing good people, regardless of their politics, depicted as sh*t. And I bet old tough guy Orv wouldn’t say that in front of Ms. Aavang’s husband.

  6. @TB&A

    One paragraph at a time:

    Para 2:

    (1.)See my website for a full set of my Republican beliefs

    (2.)Ditto for the immunity thing, but let me add; no law protects a traitor.

    Para 3. Gotta call ‘bullshit’ here. See the New York times :

    Para 4. Ms. Aavang’s service is recognized; I simply pointed out that she’s a RINO, which she is. When you serve on the host committee of the other Party’s fundraiser, you’re a RINO. When you’re supporting the Patronage agenda of the other Party, you’re a RINO.

    Nobody can dispute her recent votes on the patronage hires, and a copy of the fundraiser flyer has been printed on this blog for all to see.

    Para 5. Yes I worked for the FAA in a technical capacity (electronics), and yes it paid quite well. Actually quite a bit more than 100K. Yes I have a pension, but it’s less than most teachers and far less than half of some administrators.

    As my friend Andrew Gasser would say,

    Be Blessed.

  7. Rino is fair.

    Criticizing votes also.

    But implying someone is a turd?

    Will you say that to her face at debates? In front of her family?

    If helping fund raise for a Democrat makes one a RINO, did you call the Sheriff one last night?

    He gave money to Demo Mike Mahon.

    I will say I don’t think you’re a racist.

    The whole South African gunrunning thing looks like it was only about the money.

  8. @ for what it’s worth:

    Never called her a turd.

    The purpose of the ad is to introduce the idea that her RINO attributes should be flushed from the political system.

    Anybody with a thin skin has no business in politics and if their relatives choose to come to a hands-off no holds barred debate than they should expect to be perhaps a bit uncomfortable.

    As to my feelings about debates in general I would welcome a debate sponsored by the Republican Party since this is a Republican primary we’re engaged in.

    If this potential debate is sponsored by the League of Women Vipers then I have no interest whatsoever in participating.

    Lastly the whole issue which revolves around Richard Beck a South African citizen kidnapped by the Jimmy Carter Administration for crimes against the United States (gun running) which he could not possibly have committed from South Africa is a long long story which I would be pleased to share with you or anyone else in person.

    If you read the Press article and look carefully at the decision of the judge you’ll understand the judge and I were on similar grounds with our total distaste for the Outrageous Acts of the federal government in this particular case (I was fortunate that at the time I had the necessary assets to make the half-million-dollar bail to get Mr. Beck out of prison and give him a fair trial).

    At any rate it was a long long time ago and a time of my life which I look back on with the utmost of Glee and satisfaction I wouldn’t change a thing.

    Thanks for weighting in.

    That’s what it’s all about.

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