Trouble in McHenry County Democrat Land

Kathryn Potter was a Democratic Party candidate for the McHenry County Board last year.

She also regularly attends Algonquin Township Board meetings.

In short, she is a Democrat who walks the walk.

And, she is not in the Establishment wing of the Democratic Party, because they are supporting JB Pritzker for Governor.

She is a strong supporter of Daniel Biss for the Democratic Party nomination for Governor.

Now, she is disenchanted with the leadership of McHenry County Democratic Central Committee Chairman Mike Bissett.

Kathryn Potter and her friend Robert Rosenberg, who challenged Mike Bissett at the McHenry County College candidates’ night the night after Bissett dismissed twenty or so District 1 Precinct Committeemen he had appointed.

The dispute became public when one of her friends shouted a question about his ousting twenty-something Algonquin Township Precinct Committeemen to Bissett at the conclusion of the Party’s candidates’ night at MCC the Wednesday before last.

Now a Facebook post by Potter under the headline “Lesson Learned” explains some details:

Identifying herself as “a local progressive,” Potter says that the vote for party leadership is “one of the most effective tools” for change.

To get a vote for party leadership, however, requires one be an elected Precinct Committeeman.

Stimulated by the “purging” of “almost twenty” appointed progressive District 1 Precinct Committeemen, including Potter, she urges fellow progressives to run for the office.

Mike Bissett

“Tuesday evening, a vote was taken at the home of Michael Bissett, the Chairman of the Democratic Party of McHenry County to remove a fellow progressive and Democratic precinct committeeman, Doug Barber, from his position as District 1 Chair,” Potter wrote on Facebook.

That was because Barber refused to resign.

She cites the reasons for the resignation refusal were “personality conflicts and trust issues.”

“Our party constitution prescribes the method of removal for a District Chair as a vote taken at a meeting of the precinct committeemen of the district,” Potter reports an email from County Democratic Central Committee Chairman Bissett says..

But rather than having a vote of those on the District 1 Central Committee, Bissett removed appointed Precinct Committeeman in order “to secure a desirable outcome without resistance.”

That occurred, she writes.

Potter said Bissett had “plenty of time to see the error in his ways, right his wrong, and allow for a more transparent and democratic process to prevail.”

She bemoans the loss of “vital and dedicated PCs,” plus the “undemocratic” nature of the process.

She tells of asking the Chairman to re-appoint her as a Precinct Committeeman, but getting no response.

“While the Democratic Party calls for UNITY,” Potter continues, “it is an accumulation of actions such as this of our own Chairman that reinforces many negative perceptions and stereotypes about the Democratic Party.”

“Should I quietly allow this mockery of the Democratic process to happen only because it is Democrats behaving badly this time and not Republicans?” she asks.

Potter then asks progressives to “prevent these abuses of power in the future” by running for Precinct Committeeman.

She points out that a party chairman cannot remove an elected Precinct Committeeman.

“We have the power to stand up to the establishment,” Potten concludes.

“Dissent is patriotic, and as always, it’s good for the party.”

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Looking at the very few people who have run for Democratic Party Precinct Committeeman in McHenry County, I have joked that it would not take much effort to take over the party.

After reading what Potter has written, I would not be surprised if a new Chairwoman were not heading local Democrats after the next Party convention.


Trouble in McHenry County Democrat Land — 17 Comments

  1. Kathryn Potter and Robert Rosenberg; 2 McHenry county true patriots. Go McHenry county progressives! And the sunshine blogger? More and more irrelevant every day…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Break up of both parties from same old same old is a good thing.

    If the Dem party would turn into a fiscally responsible party they would be hard to beat.

    Something the Rep claim to be but really aren’t, at least state wide and nationally.

  3. Kathryn Potter-the woman who thought she ‘deserved’ the county board seat that opened up when Gasser left.

  4. She complained about the undemocratic process while also complaining she didnt get a response about being re-appointed.

    Why doesnt she run and let the voters decide.

    isnt that more democratic that being appointed?

  5. I remember her now.

    If shes the same person she knocked on my door campaigning with the HIGH PRIESTESS Domonique Miller who turned out to be in a witches coven selling magic wands and other foolishness.

  6. OK Morons:

    Get on the ballot and run for the position.

    Once elected, no cheap political hack can remove you from the office.

    Appointment is for lazy clowns who want a title without actually doing the work.

  7. Kathryn Potter-the county board democrat who lost precincts won by Clinton in 2016.

    I say we put her in charge of the party – they will never win anything in this county again!

  8. Almost all the Democratics that were running for County Board were appointed and her being one of them!

    She wants to be appointed and then have people bow at her feet!

    Democratic Chair person giveth and now he taketh away!

    The Republican Party has been trying, still is, get rid of the old guard.

    Once you think they are making headway people like Chris Christiansen, Chris Spoerl, Tom Wilbeck, Larry Smith, pop up and put the party back!

    After voting for Jack Franks hires everyone of them need to go!

    If you call yourself a fiscal conservative that was the time to stand up and say so!

  9. Ms. Potter seems to be a nice person in the Times I have encountered her.

    I wonder why after being slated for the county board race and continuing to want to be involved, she would not have collected signatures to become a Precinct Committteman? It’s so few required signatures…

    Will the Democrats slate candidates again, or are some collecting signatures?

  10. Maybe the Democrats are trying to pull away from the far left wing Progressive nutjobs that are trying to hijack their party.

  11. The lunatic right has taken over the Republican party in the County, let’s have the lunatic left take over the Democratic party and the rest of us sane folks can watch the idiots rip each other apart.

  12. Mike Bissett-Yensen is a spiteful little man, with absolutely ZERO influence in the democratic party outside of his little gatherings at his home.

    Why even spend any time talking about what he is doing?

    Life is all about character and credibility, and he has neither.

  13. Typical Leftists Dems now eating their own at all levels of government from our neighborhood to Hollywood.

    Maybe the 20 wouldn’t submit to the Leftist casting couch?

    This is a result of their definition of Diversity being defined by color of skin and income not ideas.

  14. Mr. Rosenberg just joined a union!

    And he’s been sayin’ some pretty hateful things about our little local tyrant, Jacko Franks.

    —So he can’t be all bad!

    He’ll wind up on Jacko’s list too!

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