Northwest Herald Learns of Monday Meeting Subject Before County Board Members

Reader Nob caught a story on the Northwest Herald web site saying the McHenry County Board’s Committee of the Whole meeting tomorrow morning at 10:30 will not only discuss next year’s budget, but will also consider consolidating the Lake in the Hills Sanitary District into the Village of Lake in the Hills:

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A reader notes that the LITH Sanitary District consolidation meeting will be held Tuesday, not at the Monday meeting.

I apologize for the mistake.

Members I talked to, however, did not know of the new Ad hoc committee’s existence.

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That’s interesting because there is nothing on the COW agenda to indicate any subject other than the FY 2018 budget will be discussed.

Another indication of Chairman Jack Franks’ lack of dedication to transparency, some might observe.


Northwest Herald Learns of Monday Meeting Subject Before County Board Members — 9 Comments

  1. So Jack Franks handpicked the two new Lake in the Hills Sanitary District Trustees, and the new District Attorney is a Democratic State Representative handpicked by Jack Franks, and I see the Ad Hoc Lake in the Hills Sanitary District Committee to discuss consolidation is obviously handpicked by Jack Franks. Totally one sided and the Village of Lake in the Hills representatives will never know the truth about the facts – guaranteed it will be hidden. Jack Franks is taking the District down from the inside – and truth or facts have nothing to do with it….one man’s agenda and political grandstanding have everything to do with it.

  2. someone should look into who owns the NWH. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was really the Jack Franks Herald.

  3. Once again cal, you choose to mislead your minions.

    If you actually read the article, you would know there is two meetings.

    One Monday.

    One Tuesday.

    They are both clearly posted on county website with links to each agenda.

    Stop making yourself look so foolish and report the facts.

  4. Thanks for the additional information.

    The headline still stands.

    County Board members I talked to did not know about the LITH meeting nor the new Ad hoc committee.

  5. Well I guess those county board members should probably quit since they fail to do their jobs.

  6. Based on Ellen’s comments it sounds like Jack Franks has already taken over control of the Sanitary District via the minions that he hand picked for the Board, Ad Hoc committee etc.

    While consolidation might sound like a great “buzz word”, it also means putting control in the hands of a few.

    Sometimes diversification is a good thing, especially when you are not happy with the hands who will be controlling more and more of your money.

    Does the County or the Village know anything about running a Sanitary District?

    Whenever career politicians get their hands on things, especially for grandstanding, it always seems to cost the taxpayers more money.

    I wonder where Jack Franks will be if/when my sewer rates and taxes increase as a result of this?

    I’m sure he will be long gone from McHenry County and will not be returning my phone calls.

  7. There has been no plan with facts and numbers to support consolidation.

    If anybody knows of one post the link.

    What about representation for the people serviced by the Sann dist who don’t live LITH?

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