Skillicorn Endorses Ives for Governor

State Rep. Allen Skillicorn has endorsed State Rep. Jeanne Ives for State Representative.

He has also sent emails with her petition.

Skillicorn’s press release follows:


Jeanne Ives

CRYSTAL LAKE, IL—Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee) supports Representative Jeanne Ives in her primary challenge to displace Rauner as the Republican candidate for Governor of Illinois.

Rauner has failed as a leader, both as Governor and head of the Illinois Republican Party.

His list of failures as Governor include

  • owning the massive 32% tax hike, which from my perspective, he didn’t raise a finger to stop and contained not a single reform;
  • over $30 Million that will be spent on Medicaid abortions;
  • a backlog of bills that grew to and continues to be over $16B;
  • lack of a budget for two years that forced us to spend billions more than we had; and
  • making Illinois a sanctuary state, just like Chicago is a sanctuary city.

His revolving office door of staffers hired and fired could be used for wind power as often as it turns.

As the leader of the Republican Party, he’s divided it–we can’t even find candidates.

Rauner’s GOP couldn’t field candidates for Treasurer or Comptroller–Republicans used to hold those offices.

If he is successful in winning the primary, Illinois Republicans will be decimated come November 2018.


Skillicorn Endorses Ives for Governor — 10 Comments

  1. Rainer is heads above the others;what have you and the other McHenry County Reps and State Senators done to balance the budget and do something substantive about pensions?

    Send out those canned uselesss newsletters.

    Wasting our $$$

  2. Skillycorn follows his mentors: cal skinner and joey anti-American joe “the blow” walsh in picking losers. If I were ives, I would run for the hills after that stamp of losers.

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