Prim Shows Almost $25,000 in Campaign Fund

Bill Prim

McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim is approaching the $25,000 level in his campaign checking account.

He held a high donor event last month and pulled in the following contributions:

  • $2,000 – 5366 Logistics Corp, Johnsburg,
  • $1,000 – Alliance Contractors, Woodstock
  • $1,000 – Margaret Antoni, Manager, DaBaffone Cucina Italiana, McHenry,
  • $1,000 – Joel Brumlik, Police Chief, Winthrop Harbor Police Department, Winthrop Harbor
  • $1,000 – Kathleen Fabela, Naples, FL
  • $1,000 – Patrick Ryan, Jr, CEO, Incisent Labs, Chicago
  • $500 – Citizens for Althoff, Crystal Lake
  • $500 -Citizens for Lutzow, Crystal Lake
  • $500 – Tactical Security, LLC, Waukegan
  • $500 – Demetrops Tsilimgras, Cary
  • $500 – Arlington Park race Course, Arlington Heights
  • $500 – Mark Daniel, Crystal Lake
  • $500 – Intren, Union
  • $250 – Don Carlson, Woodstock
  • $250 – David Devane, Chicago
  • $250 – Madsen, Suden and Gottemoller, Crystal Lake
  • $250 – Ricardo, Carol Stream
  • $200 – Law Offices of Robert T. Hanlon, Woodstock

In addition at the Marengo Meet and Greet, Prime received a $1,000 check from Walter Lake of Bull Valley.

Itemized expenditures include

  • $300 to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of McHenry County, plus
  • $278 to One Zero Charlie, Woodstock
  • $250 to
    • Citizens for Patrick Kenneally
    • Citizens for Glenda Miller


Prim Shows Almost $25,000 in Campaign Fund — 13 Comments

  1. Prim overall has done a good job.

    He reduced staff due to attrition which is a no brainer in the jail with less contract inmates and should have been done years ago.

    The problem is, like all Sheriffs, he has taken his hands off the wheel and the jail has more supervisors than ever with many more administrative sergeant positions on the horizon.

    So, you pay your new sergeants $90 grand to shuffle papers.

    Prim was elected to eliminate gravy jobs that can easily earn well over $110 thousand with a little overtime not increase them.

  2. CP thanks for separating facts from fiction.

    Was DeVane one of those given a position in the jail?

    and what are his qualifications?

    Weren’t several promotions given recently, increasing pension and other benefits significantly, really big money?

    Can you also fill us in on who in the Sheriff’s Department gets what cars?

    It seems that many individuals are given a County car, not just the Sheriff and others.

    FOIA anyone?

  3. All I know is that the wasteful administration sergeant jobs were never eliminated but increased and word just came out that there are to be a load more.

    The county vehicle situation is sickening.

    Why the taxpayers pay for all these people to drive a county vehicle is insane.

    Part of this issue is the deputies having their own squad car for personal use.

    Every time it comes up, one of the commanders who drives a big County SUV digs up this report from the 1800s that says it saves money and cuts down on response time.

    Its all BS to justify them having a free car.

    If a deputy lives in Harvard, the squad car could be kept at Harvard PD for most of their work week.

    There is no reason for a free car for a deputy making a $100 grand a year.

    An independent unpaid committee of concerned taxpayers needs to look at the Sheriff’s dept.

    I’ve been saying this for years but they’d be amazed at the waste.

  4. CP, If you’re ever in need of a seat team I’m sure you won’t mind waiting awhile for the members to drive from their house, to their local Police department and then to the scene to help you .

  5. It’s garbage and you know it.

    It’s a perk that nobody wants to give up.

  6. CP , I disagree, again you’ll be the first person to scream “what took so long” when you’re waiting for help . The County is big , 600 square miles . That’s why they have cars . Get over it .
    As for other employees, not working on the road, I agree with you they all don’t need cars

  7. It’s all BS, approx $5000 perk for every deputy.

    I don’t blame them for trying to hang on to it, I’m just tired of the lame reason that we all know is garbage.

    A little honesty would be nice.

  8. CS, go back to your bubble .

    Bill Prim is a good man , he didn’t start giving cars out, iIt was WAY worse before he got there .

    Oh that was prabably ok with you.. and how about Don Leiat and his car. ? You don’t know what you’re. Talking about

  9. I have been talking about the abuse of County vehicles for years in this blog.

    That abuse is wrong as I’ve stated many times before and Prim being a good man is irrelevant.

    The fact that every Tom, Dick and Harry at the County has a vehicle is sickening.

    I do not believe that deputies should have one either.

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