Reick Comment About Sexual Harassment Training after Talking to House Minority Leader

Here’s what Capital Fax reports House Minority Leader Jim Durkin told the publication today about State Rep. Steve Reick:

“We asked House GOP Leader Jim Durkin’s office about Reick’s response.

“A spokeswoman released a ‘clarifying statemen’ from Reick:

‘There’s a problem with the culture in Springfield.

Steve Reick

‘How has harassment been allowed to thrive for so long without any real attempts to address it?

‘My fear is, and what I failed to clearly articulate, is that training won’t be enough to truly shock the system.

‘I feel very strongly that those who have committed these acts through the years should be called out by name and forced to deal with their actions.

‘Until then, I remain concerned that efforts to end harassment will fall short.

‘I will support the proposed legislation, participate in any training it prescribes and will do my part to end the culture of harassment that’s existed for far too long in and around the Capitol.’”


Reick Comment About Sexual Harassment Training after Talking to House Minority Leader — 12 Comments

  1. Hey Cal,

    Where’s the article on Cut 10 soon to be passing November 14th – are you for or against lower taxes?!

  2. I wrote it after Jack Franks announced in his “Chairman’s Comments” at an earlier meeting.

    First to report it would be an 11.2% cut of the county levy.

  3. You read it first here in the sunshine blog…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. Smoke and mirrors it’s all the Democrats ever give you.

    Just wait till you get your tax bill next year and you’ll see it for yourself.

  5. Fair Play/Kevin Craver is working the blog hard!

    Must be part of the Communication Specialist Job!

    But understand the 10% cut is nothing but smoke and mirrors and just taking away reserves and not necessarily cuts!

    So the money that was used on reserves could have actually gone to infrastructure projects that the County will be forced to do anyways!

  6. Ya’ll are funny.

    A post about sexual harassment, and Steve Reick running backwards as fast as he can (I think he’s STILL backpedalling), and ya’ll want to talk about property taxes.

  7. I am hoping some bombshells come out in regards to people in Springfield.

    I am sure most capitols have that problem just like Hollywood is now being exposed!

    I wonder when the Theatre District will become exposed as well!

  8. @Cal The theatre district in the major cities etc..

    All the live theatre plays/musicals.

    Just the different levels compared to Hollywood.

    I hear Kevin Spacey checked himself into rehab.

    It happens I’m sure in Washington, corporate, Hollywood, Theatre on and on.

    Unfortunate our society is that bad where people have to force themselves on someone.

  9. Kevin Craver: ‘Fair Play’ huh?

    What a laugh!

    How’s your new title going: ‘Jacko Franks’ #1 Sycophant’

    I’m surprised you haven’t sued the Donald for stealing your trademarked “Fake News”

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