Proft Returning to Paper for McHenry County Publication

Those who wished to do so could request mailed copies of Dan Proft’s McHenry Times.

I did so and got some during the last election season.

Two weeks ago, mailed copies returned to my mailbox.

The paper supported with articles

  • Dan Ugaste in the district from which income tax supporter Steve Andersson is retiring.
  • Allen Skillicorn, elected State Representative last year with massive support from Proft’s Political Action Committee
  • Congressman Randy Hultgren


Proft Returning to Paper for McHenry County Publication — 14 Comments

  1. The McHenry Times is manufsctured news.

    Profit pays third party journalists to craft exactly what he wants.

    Every “author” is hired. It’s Proft parroting exactly what he wants you to hear.

  2. This is exactly my kind of journalism. Sunshine blogger, we finally hit the trifecta: The McHenry Times, this sunshine blog, and The Onion…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. great to see.

    Meanwhile the leftists millionaires propping up the NW Herald are losing their shirts

  4. “The leftist millionaires.” Exactly who are you talking about?

    Because I can tell you exactly the kind of people that Proft pays to manufacture his news.

    Some of the “journalists” are from out of the country.

    Nearly all of the “journalists” do not even work in or live in Illinois.

    The “journalists” have to sign a “non-disclosure” agreement with the “paper” that they won’t say who works there.

    If you call the phone number on the website, no one will answer – ever.


  5. Proft could demolish any Democrat in a debate including with the alleged smartest ever man in the world, Barack Obama.

  6. @Fair Play >

    Hillary LOST, Trump WON.

    Trump is now YOUR POTUS

    Now get over it or stay in your safe place until the next election, which he
    will win again.

  7. @Dishonest Abe –

    Cool story.

    How does that have anything to do with what I said above?

    Another fun fact about the McHenry Times, we have no idea who their editorial board is!

    That’s not typical of a newspaper at all….

  8. It’s definitely not a newspaper, it’s a blog like this one, telling one side.

  9. @Fair Play,

    So then, tell all of us the names and whereabouts of these “journalists” some of which
    you claim are from out of the country or state , Russian colluders in your mind no doubt.

    Here is your big chance to prove your allegations beyond question to all.

    BTW it’s a blog, not a newspaper.

  10. I never said they were from Russia, that’s your own piece of satirical news.

    I’m happy to do your googling for you / more to come tomorrow…….

  11. As I promised, here’s proof Proft outsources to out of state/country ‘journalists.”

    Angela Underwood authored the below post:

    Angela Underwood is a freelance writer from New York.

    Glenn Minnis writes for the “paper.” He too is from New York.

    S. Justin Stoltzfus hails from Pennsylvania:

    Caitlin Nordahl lives in Kenya and writes for a McHenry County Paper!

    Claudia Balthazar, New York:

    Allison Shirk: Daytona Beach:

    Robert Lawson: Minnesota

    Taryn Phaneuf – Not from McHenry County either:

    Strange – NONE of the “McHenry Times” ghost writers are from McHenry County……..

  12. fair play IS Kevin ‘the Franks whore’ Craver.

    —-sorry to unmask you, time to get a new name for future outing!

  13. Yea, sorry to disappoint, I’m not Kevin.

    Great job ignoring my crackerjack research though.

  14. Sorry to disappoint, but here in compassionate conservative parallel universe, sunshine commenters only choose to pay attention to character assassination prodigious research. Facts, not that much interested…tic, tock, tic, tock

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