Cary’s TIF Districts

Scott Coffey, President of the Cary Grade School District, attended the Village of Cary’s Tax Increment Financing District meeting last week and offers the following account of what happened:

I think I may have been the only elected official in attendance.

The meeting started off poorly as I questioned why we were being presented with financial data and an audit report that was 18 months old.

The rest of the meeting I spent asking questions with limited success.

It’s way past time that the village terminate the two non-performing TIF districts.


Cary’s TIF Districts — 2 Comments

  1. Cary could take a lesson from Lakewood. Paul Serwatka led the fight for dissolution of that TIF, to the great benefit of most Lakewoods taxpayers.

    Taxpayers in Cary (and Lakewood and Crystal Lake and Woodstock) should ask themselves:

    Which is a greater factor contributing to blight in a community: a property tax rate which is off-the-charts higher that everywhere in America including Chicago, or absence of ornamental pillars?

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