NPR Not Balanced Tonight

“More Guns, Less Crime” by John Lott.

On the way home yesterday, I listened to an NPR interview on concealed carry guns with a Stanford Law School Professor named John Donohue.

He contended that violent crime had gone up in states that had passed concealed carry laws.

13% over ten years.

The interviewer seemed to take everything the professor said has holy writ.

I wondered what John Lott would say.

You can read his critique of Donohue’s research here.

When I told my wife of the unbalanced nature of the story, she said, “That’s why I don’t listen to NPR.”


NPR Not Balanced Tonight — 23 Comments

  1. As long as people continue to listen to NPR we will continue sending them our tax money to use against ALL conservatives.


  2. Hilarious,

    Cal believes in the writings of a fictitious newspaper and not that of an accredited Standford Professor.

  3. I have a CCW permit.

    Haven’t noticed an innate increased desire to break the law, and haven’t been to jail any more than usual, which is never.

  4. And, it appears, you don’t believe in reading a critique of his research…just as NPR did not believe in providing listeners with it.

  5. Hey Tom, try breaking into his house and find out the hard way.

  6. Dear members of the burglar community of law breakers: In case you are considering stealing a lazy, ugly feline, do not consider breaking in our sunshine blogger’s house. You will be greeted with an “in-your-face” flashy picture taken with his old, 19th century Polaroid antique camera…or what is left of it…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. Why look elsewhere when we have professionalism, balance, and courageous investigative reporting right here in the undisputed heavyweight champion of enlightening information, the McHenry county sunshine blog, where facts are an inconvenience and Christianity, well, a twisted fiction…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. The premier authority on the subject IS Professor John R. Lott, Jr.,
    contrary to the Liberal gibberish and disinformation that Fair Play and
    NPR would have you believe.

    He is still angry and disillusioned over Hillary’s epic loss to Trump – MAGA !

  9. Go down to the Englewood neighborhood Professor and pass out copies of your drivel this Saturday night.


  10. Such men and Cindy. Dumb sh”ts. I am thinking any mental illness check might apply here. MEGA

  11. Why does our Nation need NPR?

    Why should taxpayers fund this outlet when there are numerous broadcast and cable news channels?

    Stop taxpayer funding of NPR and let NPR secure sponsors for its broadcasts.

    Question is whether or not NPR could get sufficient sponsorship.

    There was a left wing radio program that tried to compete against Rush Limbaugh and failed.

    One of its hosts was the comedian who became a Democrat U.S. Senator from Minnesota.

    You have to wonder about Minnesottta.

    They elected a tv star wrestler to be their governor then later elected the not so funny former comedian to be senator.

  12. “They elected a tv star wrestler to be their governor then later elected the not so funny former comedian to be senator.” How about a tv comedian elected for president? My compassionate conservative friends need to watch tronald dump’s WWE wrestling match. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  13. Dear casual reader of this McHenry county sunshine blog: If you are horrified by the opinion these sunshine commenters express about NPR, please understand they reflect the last existing outbursts of an epidemic afflicting this nation and particularly our beautiful rural McHenry county called compassionate conservatism, a self-destroying black hole in the parallel universe of nonsense. Human beings carrying this horrendous disease called themselves christian while spewing the worst hatred toward immigrants. They also claim to be pro-life while worshiping guns. They despise the institution of government ignoring it is the essential organization of members in a democratic civilized society and ultimately the only real protection against the abuses of unfettered capitalist interests. And last but not least, they poison the few working brain cells they still have with the worst right-wing propaganda outlets pretending to be watchdogs of accountability and transparency. We Progressives know them too well, and have a great time with this entertaining reading. 2018, I hear you are less than a year away…Can you hear the blue wave coming your way? Lean forward…tic, tock, tick, tock…

  14. Polaroid cameras were a 20th century invention.

    Not 19th century.

  15. Our sunshine blogger was around during the 19th century. That’s for sure. He has the political yard signs to prove it…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  16. You are fake news, Cal. John Lott was on the program so the premise and title of the post is BS. Don’t worry about editing the fake news headline.

    Also, if you click on the link it take less than 3 mins to listen to people share stories about how they feel safer with guns.

    Right wing folks are so great at straight up lying about what is and what is not aired on stations like NPR, CNN, MSNBC, etc.

    It’s such a common tactic to claim (fill in the blank network) won’t cover (some news story) and it’s just not true.

    And right wing folks eat it up because…. just like Cal’s wife’s typical response… “and that’s why I don’t listen.”

  17. Lott was not on the program I referenced.

    Maybe the heat got about being so one-sided so hot for NPR that he was included on another day.

  18. Sunshine blogger: we are and forever will be proud of this facts-proof sunshine blog. Any new hit piece on Bolshevik Jack D. Franks? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

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