Illinois Leaks Looks at Algonquin Township Road District’s Financing of Disney Visit

A statewide website, Illinois Leaks, has published an article on Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s visit to Disneyland.

The article is re-published with permission of the Edgar County Watchdogs, who wrote it.

Algonquin Township’s Ousted Road Commissioner bought Disneyland Tickets –


The credit card for the past Algonquin Township Road Commissioner reveals some interesting purchases. Robert Miller, who was ousted after his half a century family dynasty, apparently had no problem using the Township credit card to purchase none other than Disneyland tickets!

Stay tuned, this is going to be fun!

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Illinois Leaks Looks at Algonquin Township Road District’s Financing of Disney Visit — 30 Comments

  1. The difference is that if I did this at my employer I would be fired and prosecuted to the fullest.

    Public employees do this crap all the time and nothing happens other than a quick news story.

  2. Disneyland is just the smallest tip of the iceberg. If I was someone who ever supported him, Id be publicly denouncing him before the real shit hits the fan.

  3. Illinois Leaks copied info from Edgar County Watchdogs.

    Edgar County Watchdogs got that info from McHenry County blog.

    McHenry County blog received leaked info from Team Andrew.

    Now the records are in disarray, the Alg Township Clerk said there are missing files or they aren’t refiled properly by The Team, and there is the posiblity of a legal challenge about the integrity with more legal expenses.

    Lawyers love rock throwing.

  4. Did he pay it back?

    If so, bad optics, bad judgement, but not illegal.

    The records are the property and responsibility of the Township Supervisor.

    If there is a problem, that is where to look.

  5. Illinois Leaks is not copied from the Edgar County Watchdogs; it is published by the Edgar County Watchdogs.

    IDK which records you are referring to as being in disarray, but the credit card records are retained by the credit cad companies and can easily be re-obtained by the Township and/or the Road District.

    I agree with you wr to lawyers and throwing rocks.

    It seems that these matters could be handled far more efficiently and at much lower cost.

    If I lived in Algonquin Township, I’d be furious about all the money that has been spent on this.

  6. THx, I didn’t know they are one in the same.

    Ya I live in AT, and am not happy with all the nonsense.

    I’m way more worried about the coming winter and lack of experienced leadership.

  7. It doesn’t matter if he paid it back or not; it is illegal in Illinois to use a government credit card for personal expenses.

    The Mayor of Pekin, Illinois was found guilty of three counts of official misconduct for doing this, and he reimbursed the City before they found out that he did it.

    Article VIII of Illinois Constitution


    (a) Public funds, property or credit shall be used only
    for public purposes.

    (b) The State, units of local government and school
    districts shall incur obligations for payment or make
    payments from public funds only as authorized by law or

  8. If the AT board granted him personal use with a payback deal, even if it was verbal rather than by vote, the game changes a tad.

    The prior board was a mix I’d say, not all on Millers side for sure, depending on the issue at hand of course.

    The AT board approved the expenditures, so…..?

  9. The damn county just needs to consolidate all the townships now.

    It’s all corrupt.

  10. It would be a bit of a stretch to call a trip to Disneyland a public purpose, but this is Illinois, so………

  11. It was a research trip for a business model.

    “How to Run a Township Like Disneyland”

  12. Townships … a license to steal!

    Kookiness and racial agitation —all at the taxpayers’ expense!!!

    “Thornton Township, in Illinois, spent more than $106,000 on an advertising push aimed at garnering support for awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to a South Carolina church that was the site of a tragic 2015 mass shooting, newly released records show.

    The township, which includes some of the poorest communities in Chicago’s south suburbs, spent $106,257 on radio and newspaper ads around the Chicago market, mainly aimed at predominantly African-American audiences, records show. Thornton Township’s ad purchases followed a $46,000 taxpayer-funded trip to South Carolina taken by township Supervisor Frank Zuccarelli and 14 other delegates in September, which the Daily Southtown detailed earlier this month.”

    excerpted from:

  13. Rickey? I don’t think you can blame that on the township. I think you have to blame stupidity.

  14. the former school superintendent used his district credit card for personal use too.

  15. The Nob:

    Even if the township board “authorized” him to charge and pay back – that board did not have the authority to authorize him charge and pay back, or for lack of better words, to commit felonies, which is what it is if convicted.

  16. You could buy a lot of trips to Disneyland for less than $195,000.

  17. I know family values Joe Walsh organizes a vacation cruise (very conservative). How about organizing a one-way trip to the Moon led by our sunshine blogger and our God-fearing, gun clinging sunshine commenters? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  18. Angel, why don’t you go to Puerto Rico and help with the rebuilding for about 100 years.

    They may have the power back on by then.

  19. ok, so a bank robber get caught and returns the money.

    is he still a bank robber??????

    yes he is, just because he return the money, if he ever didoes not relieve him of prosecution , and prison time, anyone else involved should also be convicted of receiving stolen property and musy be subject to the fullest extent of the law,

    this family has taken advantage of this township for ever,

    times up, andn if Rebecca miller lee was a recipient of any of these purchases she should immediately be suspended from practicing law , and sentence to jail time,

    we cannot ever allow a officer of the courts to demonstrate any disregard to the office , and laws she is sworn to uphold.


  20. Spending a few dollars of my tax money (which is what this is costing the avg. homeowner in alg township maybe $3 – $5) is worth it to me to try and keep the corrupt union thugs out.

    If the overall tax levy was reduced 5% then that’s even better.

  21. omg

    the feds are now involved, lets see your connections ,and old network now.

    lock up

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