Legislature Passes Bill To Give Jack Franks Total Power Over Appointment of Committee Chairmen and Membership

Jack Franks is on the way to becoming “Mini-Mike” Madigan.

After 43-3-3 approval of a Jack Franks-initiated bill in the Illinois Senate, in lickty-split action this week in Springfield, Democrats in the Illinois House pushed House Bill 171, originally introduced az a shell bill by House Speaker Mike Madigan, through on a 63-48-1 in spite of vigorous Republican opposition led by State Rep. Barb Wheeler.

The contents of the bill are brief, but the shift in power from the membership of the McHenry County Board to Chairman Jack Franks is immense.

It basically turns him into the Mike Madigan of the McHenry County by giving the County Board Chairman the power to appoint all committee chairmen and determine who will serve on which committees.

The language of the bill follows:

(55 ILCS 5/2-1003.5 new)

Sec. 2-1003.5. Creation of standing committees by chairman; appointment of members. With the advice and consent of a majority of the county board, a county board chairman elected by the voters of the county shall:

(1) create standing committees; and

(2) appoint members and chairpersons to standing committees.

This Section applies to counties having a population between 300,000 and 900,000.

Now County Board Rules provide for a Committee on Committees to make such decisions.

The Republican County Board members I talked to are incensed…and perhaps that is too weak a word.

A veto from Governor Bruce Rauner is all that stands in the way of Franks vastly increasing his power.

Rauner previously signed a bill supported by many McHenry County legislators which gave the Chairman the power to break tie votes.

Here is the Senate roll call on Tuesday:

Note that McHenry County’s three state senators abstained from voting . One, Karen McConnaughay introduced a bill with similar language during the veto session, but Thomas Cullerton assumed sponsorship of virtually the same language in this bill.

Below is the House roll call:

The only State Representative from McHenry County voting for the bill to increase Jack Franks’ power was Steve Andersson, who is retiring. He also appears to the be the bills only Republican supporter.

= = = = =

“Ver-r-r-r-y In-ter-r-r-r-es-s-s-s-ting.”

To those who would like to email the Governor, use this address: Jane.McEnaney@illinois.gov.

A phone number to call, even when offices are closed, is 217-782-3560. Be polite, of course.


The phone number has been disconnected and emails are said to be bouncing back.

Try this to get through: https://www.illinois.gov/gov/contactus/Pages/VoiceAnOpinion.aspx


Legislature Passes Bill To Give Jack Franks Total Power Over Appointment of Committee Chairmen and Membership — 40 Comments

  1. I see Pammy A took a principled stand and voted present on this bill.

    If the Republican Board members really are incensed, they have the power to do something about it.

    I’m not holding my breath, but they could belatedly decide to grow a spine -Big Chief Many Chins would still need a majority of the Board to go along with his changes.

  2. What happens when the population of this county drops below 300k?

    The last population estimate I saw was 307k and falling.

    If Trump makes a good push on getting rid of the illegals, we could get below the threshold in no time.

  3. This is it. I see the Red Bolshevik Army marching around the Woodstock Square next Saturday Veteran’s Day. Jack D. Franks will take our shotguns, kill our pet cats and oppress beautiful McHenry county with an iron fist until at least 2055 sending any dissidence to forced labor in the frozen fields of Minnesota. Sunshine blogger, protect our democracy and freedom; go and get more in-your-face pictures of this ruthless dictator…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. Slowly I turn…step by step…inch by inch… (here comes your Agenda 21 folks.)

  5. Not one elected official has any more power than the American Citizen has given them.

    Read any history book.

    This is an Age of Decadence which will be followed by upheaval.

    The end of this upheaval will be whatever The Citizen decides.

    Franks can do nothing you haven’t allowed him to do.

    He is a cowardly little nothing who bends to the will of the nearest power.

    Go show him who has the power.

    If each of you follows past performance Jack Franks has all the power, knowledge and plan he needs to be the dictator.

    County Board members have the spine YOU give them.



    Be the society, live the values and create the community you wish to live in.

    Jack Franks has always been, will always be and cannot change the fact of being a weak little nothing.

    Don’t whine about Jackie.


    Act or forever be the generation who abdicated to a spineless cowardly narcissist who offered you nothing but pain and wants all you have.

  6. Priest,
    When will you be running for office? You talk talk talk talk talk talk talk and don’t act act act act.

    I’ve never seen someone that just loves to hear their own voice more – and that’s coming from me.

  7. Just what he needed, to make his head even bigger.

    Feed the beast.

    I still can’t believe I live among such a stupid and ill-informed voting populace that put him there in the first place.

    The people that still work for a living and are ultimately forced to fund this kind of thinking are leaving in droves.

    What are you morons gonna do when we aren’t here to pay for it anymore?

  8. Moderate, Sweetheart.

    When you get out of high school you’ll realize how profoundly backward you must be to affirm how little you know about politics while trying to curry influence.

    Just exactly who would think you have anything whatsoever to offer the community or political world when you have shown time and again you have zero understanding of your own political positions nor what political service entails.

    Once you pass your Constitution test you will have the most basic understanding of top line political positions and power.

    Once you graduate please challenge yourself to begin the hard work of serving your community in any way you see fit.

    This will help you begin to have the wisdom to perhaps not offer just how little you know to people you clearly want to impress.

    No one can be impressed when you offer what may be instantly shown to be lies.

    Read a book.

    Sit at Jack’s feet(he has a ton of political knowledge given him by his Master).

    Try harder.

  9. The driving force behind all seeking power at any cost is money.

    Hopefully, the County Board will keep a close eye; something is afoot.

  10. Soul therapy free of charge right here in our sunshine blog; clean cut compassionate conservative arrogance from our very own second coming of William F. Buckley, Jr. I’ll go back to my reading of Sarah Palin’s and Glenn Beck’s books to learn some more history. In the meantime, lean forward…can you hear the whisper? It’s the blue wave coming your way in 2018…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  11. Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk, Priest.

    I’ll put my resume next to yours any day, but that would mean you would have to come out of the shadows much to the chagrin of an anonymous coward like yourself.

  12. If anyone knows shadows – that would be Moderate. You just called yourself an anonymous coward. How befitting!

  13. What resume sweetheart?

    The one which you don’t do anything of any consequence, write anything of consequence, say anything of consequence or even espouse one single position of any note let alone defend?

    No, honey bunny.

    You’ve never once shown yourself capable of even understanding what people are talking about while attempting to devolve into a nana nana boo boo conversation.

    Once again pumpkin, when you get reeeally big, you still won’t impress anyone with this kind of whining.

    Get better.

    Try harder.

    No whining this time.

  14. It is quite rare to see Priest in such a condescending tone. Going to get my popcorn.

  15. Pumpkin,

    A little insight into adult conversation for you(clearly your parents are uninvolved in your training and betterment which seems a recurring theme among children like you):

    When you’re addressing adults who’ve actually done something with their lives they neither possess nor deign to “prove” a resume.

    The resume is their very life and reputation.

    You possess neither.

    IF you ever do then you will be confident, knowledgeable and known enough to giggle at pups who yap around your ankles about a “resume”.

    You’ve had such opportunities, as I’ve watched you, to grow, learn, listen and become.

    You’ve failed them all.

    Even now, as you whine, snivel and fail yet again here in this comment section you refuse to control yourself enough to stop.



    Do what any person of consequence is capable of and engage without whining.

    I’ll start you off this time…

    Jack Franks is a historically weak failure of a human being and attempts to make up for his shortcomings by using dictatorial tactics on people who clearly have zero will to fight him.

    This will lead to the destruction of a teuly representative form of government at the county level in McHenry County.

    Now you respond with something more than whining and sniveling at my feet.


  16. Has anyone seen, or heard anything from the Chairperson of the Republican party in McHenry County?

    Sandra Salgado has been grossly and entirely MIA for months now.

    She has a vital responsibility to lead the party and she has clearly abdicated. My guess is that she is afraid of Jack Franks.

    She is afraid that he will attack her juicy job and pension if she encourages Republican resistance to his growing dictatorship.

    I think she has good reason to be wary.

    Anyone who has opposed Mr. Franks has lost their job or had their livelihood or reputation smeared or destroyed.

    Mr. Franks has long taken pride in underhandedly destroying political rivals.

    In spite of his smiling personality, he is a well-funded political gangster, and his union supporters are his soldiers.

    There is little opposition to Mr. Franks.

    In fact, his durable voting majority of supporters on the County Board are all Republicans except one.

    A few of the Board members (notably Wheeler, Thoreson, Kurtz, Reinert, Wilcox, Heisler, Walkup, Rein) have opposed his narcissistic and domineering autocracy.

    Until Board members are encouraged and supported by their party, or influenced by their constituents, Mr Franks will continue his dictatorship.

    Ms. Salgado should resume or resign her much-needed MCGOP leadership.

    I hope that she will get on the phone and call her old friend Governor Rauner.

    She worked hard and was instrumental in getting him elected.

    She should exhort him to veto that bill.

    It is not in the interest of the people of McHenry County.

  17. Petitions to run for County Board must be filed by 5 PM on December 4th.

    There will be open seats in D 2 (two), D 3, D 4, and a Franks appointment in D 1.

  18. Princess Priest: “When you’re addressing adults who’ve actually done something with their lives they neither possess nor deign to “prove” a resume.”

    Cool story, what have you done?

    Princess Priest: “The resume is their very life and reputation. You possess neither.”

    Oh? That’s mildly presumptuous. Based on what?

    Princess Priest: “IF you ever do then you will be confident, knowledgeable and known enough to giggle at pups who yap around your ankles about a “resume”.”

    You seem intent on responding, puppy.

    Princess Priest: “You’ve had such opportunities, as I’ve watched you, to grow, learn, listen and become.
    You’ve failed them all.”

    Please, TELL ME, what do I need to do differently?!

  19. I am loving every word that Priest has written. I am going to sit by Cindy and watch too…………

  20. Elected McHenry County Board Chair Jack Franks could not get a majority of the elected 24 member McHenry County Board to change their board rules, so he asked State legislators to pass a bill which supersedes McHenry County Board Rules?

    Now the bill goes to Governor Rauner, who can approve or veto the bill.

    So in the meantime people, including Republican State Representative Barb Wheeler, can educate voters on how this bill changes McHenry County Board Rules, and lobby Governor Rauner to veto the bill.

    For example, what was the process before the bill was passed?

    Contrasted to, what will the process be if the bill becomes law?

    That is important, since the public had less than 48 hours to contemplate the bill before it was passed by both the House and Senate.


    The less than 48 hour start to finish window illustrates a major flaw in how bills can be passed in the Illinois General Assembly, which is also a major flaw in the legislative process in Illinois (such laws vary by state).

    The legislative process is massively flawed in Illinois.

    The rules to the game must be changed.

    The public should have more than 48 hours to understand and weigh in on state legislation.

    State law should be changed to make prohibit such an action, with the exception of a state declared emergency.


    Republican State Senator Karen McConnaughay owes her constituents and the public explanation as to her role in this process:

    – November 7, 2017 – Karen McConnaughay added as Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor.

    – November 7, 2017 – Senate Amendment 1 was filed by Senator Thomas Cullerton (not Senate President John Cullerton), changing the bill entirely from its previous version, House Amendment 2.

    – November 7, 2017 – Karen McConnaughay votes “Present” to the bill of which she is a Sponsor.

    Why vote Present to a bill which you just became a sponsor that very day, are the sole Republican Sponsor, and effects the way in which elected county officials in a county which you partially represent perform their duties?

    The other three Sponsors of HB 171, all Democrats, are currently (Sponsors can be changed up until the bill becomes law):

    – State Representative Anna Moeller, Elgin office

    – State Senator Thomas Cullerton, Villa Park office

    – State Senator Julie Morrison, Deerfield office.


    Here is the Bill Status of HB 171, including the sponsors.


  21. Once again sweet pea… Failed.

    I even gave you the example of a topic.

    You may have picked your own topic but you devolve even further into nana nana boo boo.

    I can find any number of second graders better at even THAT game than you are proving to be here.

    Let’s recap one of my many statements of the past:

    If you have commented here you are not anonymous to a person with the wherewithal to find you.

    I have been observing you, and others, since your first failures here, both in the RW and online.

    I receive regular reports of the activities of those I deem of interest.

    My only mild interest in you, pumpkin, is to see if the ignorant may be educated and grow.

    Rats can run mazes and learn.

    Tapeworms are even capable of learning.

    Drake did a brilliant job if formulating, positing and furthering a position and yet you devolved further into some childlike ball of mush in your very next comment.

    Keep trying pumpkin.

    Maybe, together, we can prove you’re smarter than a tapeworm.

  22. The blue wave has been leaching out of Chiraq and from our southern border to McHenry County for years now and is only getting worse.

    After all the working people leave the bankrupt tax hole Illinois has become, who’s money will they spend for all their social justice, food stamp, welfare, baby killing. pro-immigration, sanctuary state, section 8 housing, liberal, Dumbocrat bullshit.

    This is why we will keep our second amendment rights.

    Someday Americans will have had enough and make this country red again.
    Build the wall, make it tall, deport them all.

  23. Apologies ladies,

    I seem to have lost the mouse I was playing with.

    May I recommend “Thank You for Smoking” or “Dave” as political theatre?

  24. You have two people eating out of your hand – well done.

    Still waiting on your list of accomplishments.

  25. Our Big Brother and second coming of William F. Buckley, Jr. patiently watches us from the friendly confines of compassionate conservative, reactionary heavenly eternity and once in a while comes down to Earth to flatter liberals with a lecture on the good ways of organizing civil society and democratic institutions. This freak has proved many times over to be extremely good on positions. How lucky we are to have the privilege to belong to this sunshine blog, the alternate reality paradise and parallel universe of nonsense libertarianism…Can you hear the whisper? It is the progressive way coming your way in 362 days. Lean forward…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  26. Sweetheart,

    On multiple occasions you’ve been weighed, measured and found profoundly wanting.

    When you cannot even remotely hold up your end of any conversation with anyone then the resume of a second grader would suffice to engage you.



    We left you at “tapeworm”.

    The resume of a tapeworm suffices to engage you.

    Do better.

    Try harder.

    Raise your ignorance above “tapeworm” and we’ll worry about getting the resume of a rat who can run a maze for your next engagement.

    One day, if you make it apropo to the situation, I’ll find that second grader to engage you.

    Until then you may update your resume to include “Masochistic special needs tapeworm”.

    I’m bored.


  27. “compassionate conservative, reactionary heavenly eternity”

    I have never seen anyone so proud to learn English, that they string together a bunch of multi-syllable words to create utter jibberish.

    Angel, you add nothing to the topic…ever. With such advanced intellect, why don’t you start your own “unsympathetic, liberal, radical, hellish, doomsday” blog?

  28. Angel, writing in English again. Good job !

    You liberal teachers need to slow down on the big words.

    You are going to confuse your immigrant students.

    Start with words like ICE, wall, border, go home, welfare office, drivers license, deportation.

  29. I want to share with the second coming of William F. Buckley, Jr. some of the professional skills listed in my Résumé. First, I am comfortable using calculators…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  30. Eh, maybe they suddenly remembered ‘it’s best not to wrestle with a pig because ya get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.’

  31. More on my Résumé: I am a salsa dancer; I am good with people; I also type really good…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  32. Calculate:

    Miles from Pacific ocean to Gulf of Texas x feet per mile(5280) x cost of border wall per foot =

    Answer= less than it costs to support illegals for one year.

    Besides, Mexico is paying for it.

  33. Except that…it will never happen. Feliz Día del Veterano!…tic, tock, tic, tock…

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