Andrew Gasser’s Answers to Bob Miller’s Questions – Part 1

The jockeying between current Algonquin Township Road Commissioner and the man he barely beat, Bob Miller, continues.

Here is one of Gasser’s answers to questions asked by Miller attorney Tom Gooch:


Andrew Gasser’s Answers to Bob Miller’s Questions – Part 1 — 13 Comments

  1. No Wonder the Feds are involved!!!

    Get out now while you can, Gooch=This is a losing battle!


    Did Miller think he was dealing with an amateur?

  2. The tip of the iceberg!

    Hang them all.

    God is exposing evil everywhere.

    Ain’t it wonderful!

  3. Draining of the swamp continues. More to come.

    Good work Andrew.

  4. Ephesians 5:11-12.

    Light is the best disinfectant.

    Thank you, Andrew for your light.

    Keep shining on!

  5. I do not think Gasser is draining the swamp or shining any lights.

    He is a muckraker who keeps his promises.

    Gasser is making the most out of his 15 minutes of fame.

    I am not condoning any of the actions that are alleged above.

    I am simply saying Gasser is no friend of the taxpayer and is an arrogant asshole.

    No one can doubt that if Gasser was not elected we would have never known about these things but his attitude sucks.

    We cannot build the party around people like him.

  6. What the Hell are you talking about Lorax?

    There is no party!

    Do you not see this is an ultimate fight against evil?

    What party????

    God is cleaning swamps and you want to go to some party!

    You had better thank God that He uses arrogant people (as you say) to do His mighty work.

    While you are over there looking for a perfect “party” God has other agendas.

  7. Lorax, Get over it.

    There are plenty of politicians that people don’t like personally, but they do what’s right. (Gasser)

    And there are plenty of politicians who are the consumate ‘nice guy’-smile in your face. then rob you blind. (Millers)

    The latter of the two is the absolute biggest asshole you can be, so Miller has Gasser beat in any asshole competition.

    Gasser’s plenty of things but a crook isn’t one of them.

    He’s shining plenty of light.

    If Millers weren’t voted out the ruse would continue.

    Miller’s not even there anymore and he’s still costing the township plenty.

    Unionizing on the way out the door was another dirty trick and pain for the taxpayers.

  8. This is a good start, but weak, keep looking for the bomb that will undoubtedly blowup in the Miller’s faces.

    Gasser, keep hunting, you will find it.

  9. Bob Miller “is believed to have”………….

    That’s an awful lot of “believing to have…..” to PROVE actually happened in court.

    Some of it may be true-but Algonquin is gonna pay through the nose to PROVE all that “believed to” via lawyers fees

  10. Lorax, you’re long on conclusions but short on evidence.

    Andrew has his faults, as do we all.

    But I’ve never known him do anything dishonest.

    I’ve never known him to lie.

    I have seen him work very hard to educate voters and get out the vote, both for himself and for other candidates.

    Perhaps you could provide us with definitions of the terms you’ve used to describe Andrew and then the evidence to back it up, and then we could weigh that evidence against Andrew’s good points.

  11. some would like Mr Gasser to stop his pursuit for justice!!

    I say absolutely not,Bob Miller , and his family have taken our trust,our money.

    Our vote to benefit the entire family for decades, well!!!its time to pay the piper Bob.

    You have with your arrogance laughed at your supporters, and disrespected your sworn duties you can not explain away your actions involving our tax money, just come clean Bob and maybe the federal prosecutors will not destroy the whole family with the exception of any officer of the court that has benefitted or colluded in anyway fashion,to knowingly break the law that your sworn to uphold is just a reflection of your character and greed.

    I say Mr Gasser go get them and make our township whole again, I’m tired of being the laughing stock of Illinois

  12. AZ supporter, so your answer is to not investigate this because it is a waste of money? I don’t care what this cost, get to the truth.

    Miller never thought he would lose, doesn’t seem like he had enough time to cover years of deep tracks.

    If he was doing any of this he should go to jail.

    We need more Politicians like Gasser.

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