Andrew Gasser’s Answers to Bob Miller’s Questions – Part 2

Continuing in presenting the answers that Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser gave former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller.

Today pertains to Miller’s wife Anna May.


Andrew Gasser’s Answers to Bob Miller’s Questions – Part 2 — 13 Comments

  1. This is township government, an unnecessary layer of government in a state that already boasts the most local governments in America. Enough said.

  2. Casey?

    Your local government is what you want.

    Do NOT let them take this away with their Agenda 21 dreams.

    Look at what the “state” government is trying to haul you into already.

    Do you really want to trust EVERYTHING to them?

    The state government is the useless one.

    The federal level is even more useless.

    You are going in the wrong direction with your thinking.

  3. Cindy, are you nuts?

    Do you want a local government that does what is alleged here?

    It’s crazy.

    I want to see some action not lip service.

    That means wake up people and look at what these people were doing.

    It’s clear Andrew Gasser is doing the right thing.

  4. OMG, truckloads of road salt!

    Oh the humanity!

    Bickering over peanuts, er, salted peanuts.

  5. NW Herald online is finally forced to cover for some reason, now that the Grand Jury is involved investigating the Miller Machine.

    Not sure if its in print, I cancelled my subscription long ago.

    I’m sure the article will be an apologist one for the Miller Machine.

    Clearly someone at NW Herald acts as though they have a vested interest to protect beyond simple leftist and big government view of editors and the reporters they hire..

    Meanwhile has anyone seen the detailed napkin notes for the Union negotiations from midnight that Miller took upon himself to sign while exiting?

  6. @Paul Revere please send me some of your money.

    You cant only support others (Miller Machine) giving away my money can you?

    I mean be consistent bro.

    Please make it a cashier check, or some of the $1000’s of dollars in salt you may have stored that we paid for.

    If you have any of the gift cards that would work too.

  7. This is one of the problems with township government.

    It is not transparent or accountable.

    There are no anti nepotism rules.

    The Road Commissioner answers to no one, not even the Township Board or Supervisor.

    The only difference between God and a Road Commissioner is that one of them has a truck. (with salt apparently).

  8. For the first time in my life I agree with Cindy on something.

    Casey, Frank and Swampbuggy…. could you imagine trying to fight for transparency or redress for government wrong-doing on any bigger level of government?

    With smaller and more local government units, the average citizen and taxpayer has infinitely more power to expose and hold accountable those elected officials.

    If nothing else, gather your friends and family and VOTE for a new road commissioner.

    Sure there are a lot of government units in this state, but the small ones aren’t the problem.

  9. Concerned Taxpayer, we did vote for a new road commissioner and he’s doing an honest job!

    The last one didn’t, and too many township officials get away with offenses that would get the rest of us brought up on serious charges.

    There is definite cause for concern when taxpayer money gets spent to enrich elected officials, their family, friends and political allies in order to keep themselves in office to scam.

    Anyone who could defend the Millers should never be elected, or be a cashier or be trusted to pass the basket at church!

  10. Cindy, township ‘government’ is the pits.

    Get RID of it!

    Illinois is bankrupt, the people don’t have the luxury of supporting these rotten parasites and their parsitical family dynasties any more.

  11. Truth? Please read my first post on this page. You will be really sorry once you throw out this baby with the bath water.

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