NWH: Grand Jury Investigating Bob Miller Corruption — 25 Comments

  1. Sunshine blogger: This is a clear violation of our honorable code of conduct. I have exclusive right to use the time ticking for roskam. Please enforce consequences to violators. I yield the floor…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Fallen Angel, you are suppose to be teaching, on the Taxpayer’s dime!

    Talk about Code of Conduct, this is not in your job description.

  3. Time for the Millers to bone up on their license plate stamping skills!

  4. Looks like good old boy Bobby slipped up and under estimated some people.

    Time to pay the piper. but really who didnt see this coming???????

  5. And this is just the beginning.

    Wait until you see the other participants in on these acts against the taxpayers.

    You may be surprised, then again, you may not be, but nonetheless other heads will roll along with Miller(s).

    I noticed how there is no option for comment on this article.

    The NitWit Herald, continues the charade of being a newsy paper.

  6. Oak Harp, there arw two NWH stories on this issue.

    You can comment on the first one posted.

    They seem to have a thing depending on the time they post it on whether you can comment or not.

    Maybe updated posts no, or if it’s in the actual paper yes.

    Either way they aren’t pro Miller, never have been.

    Pro Jack is another story.

  7. License plates in Illinois are made by the developmentally disabled.

  8. Nob Nob Nob.

    Not pro Miller?

    No deep dive article on midnight passage of a Union Contract without board consent and designed to protect his extended family income?

    Omission is in in fact a form of support when you omit obvious acts of sabotage and shady deals signed in the dark of night.

    Their lack of curiosity regarding a softball pitch of a great public corruption story tells those of us without a vested interest in the Miller Machine all we need to know.

  9. The authorities should go old school on this one, and put Booby and Friends in stocks or pillories and let the taxpayers in Algonquin Township throw rotten fruits and vegetables at their noggins.

  10. McHenry County and Algonquin Township taxpayers expect that McHenry County States Attorney Patrick Kenneally will be doing his job by AGGRESSIVELY investigating this complaint and not dismissing all charges like he did in the Marlene Lantz case.

    Time will tell where his loyalties and political ambitions lie.

  11. The Nob, you’re pro-Miller. Always making excuses on the Herald online (You’re Robin Mohr, aren’t you?)

  12. I had to serve on a Grand Jury a few years ago, and during the first day they gave us a mini orientation about the powers and responsibilities of a Grand Jury.

    One of the powers that a Grand Jury has is that it can initiate an investigation on its own volition, independent of the SA’s office.

    I’m not say that is what happened here, but wouldn’t it be amusing if some regular guy who was fed up with the Millers got called for GJ duty and kickstarted this whole process?

  13. ~Gasser and Hanlon declined to comment to the Herald on the pending lawsuits or answer questions about the grand jury probe.

    “Go pound sand,” Hanlon said.~


  14. Will Saint Patrick drive the snakes out of McHenry County?

    Billy Bob – I hope you’re right.

    Keneally should use every resource available to start cleaning up the road districts and reel in their cronies

  15. Sickofit is right.

    The SA’s office better take out the corrupt trash.

  16. Froggy, They are not pro Miller, their lack of reporting anything politically timely locally has always sucked.

    Local sports from the NWH isn’t bad, but not great.

    You’re just feeling a tad argumentative today isn’t it.

  17. Landon, I come from a PW background, so I support people with expertise.

    I don’t support human short comings of elected officials.

    Andrew is the man, he’s made rookie mistakes, I understand, been there done that.

    The handling of the election was poor from both sides.

    Time to move on and worry about road safety this winter.

  18. The SA office should bring in a SP, just like Prim, they have shown bias in their support.

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