FBI Investigating Former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller

Bob Miller

In yesterday’s article by the Northwest Herald about the misdeeds of former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller, it was written that the reporter had seen boxes of documents marked.”FBI.”

Subsequently, Illinois Leaks’ Kirk Allen, having been referred by McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim to the Illinois State Police on Allen’s criminal complaint against Miller, emailed it to the State Police.

Today, Allen received the following reply from Master Sgt. Melissa Isley:

“The FBI is conducting the investigation of Robert Miller.”

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One would hope that any readers involved with this investigation would have learned the basic lesson that one does not lie to the FBI.


FBI Investigating Former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller — 27 Comments

  1. This is not good.

    Anytime they get involved things go all wonky quickly.

    Just ask David Bachman, Seipler, and Millman.

  2. Now Cal, why did you have to point to the obvious.

    Someone with knowledge may listen to you and we won’t get the drama over additional lies.

    I would like to understand something.

    It sounds like this was all under wraps until Miller’s own lawyer (Gooch) filed a motion stating his own client was under investigation for criminal misconduct.

    If that’s the case aren’t we all grateful Bob’s lawyer is a genius?

    As much of a number that was done on Hanlon for his fees by the Northwest Herald, it appears he’s been a busy boy.

  3. County passes to State, State passes to Fed. What’s next Interpol?

  4. Is the FBI going after the Millers like they are going after the Clintons?

    Can we expect a similar outcome?

  5. It’s a big deal when the FBI gets involved in a local issue.

    With a newly appointed Director, who replaced the former inept Director who let Hillary off the hook, Americans can expect a thorough and honest “investigation” into the matter.

  6. Since a need to investigate issues was established, I am glad to see that there will at least be an “arms length” investigation adding to whatever the conclusion.

    Personally, I want to know how the details on justification and reasons behind the rushed Union Contract negotiations.

    I fear that Miller gave the Township Taxpayers “Herpes Union Simplex 1″…. it will be with us taxpayers forever with the occasional contractual cost flare up.

  7. Negotiate what? Andy should goad them into strike, fire them and replace all with entry level.

    Get rid of Public Sector Unions.

  8. Bred, the Director had nothing to do with this.

    But some contributors of this blog CAN take credit for getting the right local people to look at our local crooks.

  9. the jig is up !!!!!!!!!!

    listening to Rebecca lee last week its everyone else’s fault, take responsibility for your actions, you pranced around that court house , and around town like you owned it,

    now the courthouse staff avoids you like the plaque ,

    you guys really had an opportunity to make our township great,

    you messed it up,

    what must your children be thinking, way to go!!!!!

    you really set a good example

  10. Well this is actually good news for Miller!

    Look at the bright side, federal prisons are much nicer that state ones here in Illinois and he might meet up with Blago!

  11. Charles:

    Nobody has said that nepotism is a federal crime.

    perhaps you need to look at the facts a little closer!

  12. Hopefully, it’s just the start!

    When Booby went to Disneyland, on the taxpayers’ dime, he went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride over 16X in a single day!

    He couldn’t get over how the pirates could get away with stealing and plundering with impunity.

    He said, “It’s a wonderful attraction! Kinda like my idea of heaven. I learned a few pointers as to how I can lay claim to loot … Heh, the taxpaying saps even paid for my ticket. Ya gotta love townships! I sure do!”

  13. Seriously, you all have forgotten about the presumption of innocence.

  14. Miller is a stupid entitled greedy Mo Fo who’s in deep ‘doodie’ .

    And instead of his family keeping him in line, they bellied up to the trough too.

    There are some facts for you, Franks!

  15. ‘Casey Amos’ totally preempted me.

    ‘OingoBoingo’ RIGHT ON!!! But please understand that the ‘arresting’ surname that caught your eagle-eyed attention was changed awhile back from ‘Schlemiel.’

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