Calls & Emails Still Needed Supporting Gubernatorial Veto of House Bill 171

House Bill 171, a bill designed by former State Rep. Jack Franks to give McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks more power over the McHenry County Board than Mike Madigan has over the Illinois House, has been opposed by pretty much every Republican active in McHenry County politics.

Now it comes to the attention of McHenry County Blog that a Friend of McHenry County Blog has designed something for Facebook, which you can see below:

If you would like to advise the Governor of your position, you can do so here:

Or, if it is more convenient, call 217-782-0244.  You can make your opinion known even if the state government is closed.


Calls & Emails Still Needed Supporting Gubernatorial Veto of House Bill 171 — 2 Comments

  1. If this is signed, Franks will be able to dissolve all of the committees in December WITHOUT advice or consent of the Board, and claim that he will be coming back with a new committee structure after the New Year.

    Then he will fail to present anything and just set up Ad Hoc committees as needed filled with his Yes People.

    Most of the committee work consists of reviewing staff proposals for new expenditures, accepting grants, and appointing members to boards and commissions.

    Franks may just take over all of those tasks himself, hence no need for committees.

    Then the COW meeting will substitute for the committees with the exception that it will be impossible to drill down on any of the proposals because there will be too many.

    It will also be impossible to know what resolutions he has rejected and hence never made it to the agenda, which he has the power to prepare.

    He will be king.

    King Jack The First.

  2. Oh yea, and contracts. He will be able to review all vendor contracts on his own.

    No opportunities there.

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