Jack Franks’ Personal Agenda & Secret Legal Opinion Trumps State’s Attorney’s Opinion re Committee Chairman’s Control of Committee Agendas – Part 1

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Describing How County Board Member Concerns Are Addressed By The County Board Chairman As He Continues To Break Board Rules and Waste Taxpayer Money

On June 26, 2017 the Law and Justice Committee continued to express their complaints to County
Administrator Peter Austin that neither state nor federal legislative program priorities had been established.

Michele Aavang

Despite ongoing consistent requests to place this item on the agenda in the February time frame, the committee was denied the opportunity to place this on the agenda and to discuss and define legislative priorities.

Thus, despite having no rationale for there to be lobbying of any sort, a majority of County Board Members approved a lobbying contract for Jack Franks’ hand-picked lobbying group at the May 16 County Board meeting.

Craig Wilcox

So at the June 26, 2017 the Law and Justice Committee meeting, Committee Member Craig Wilcox challenged that he had requested that establishing legislative priorities “countless times” and yet, the Committee Chairman, Michelle Aavang, was not allowed to include these items on the committee agenda.

Jeff Thorsen

According to Committee Member Jeff Thorsen, the Law and Government Committee needed to establish the 2017 for McHenry County’s legislative priorities.

He stated that voting for a lobbying contract in May was “putting the cart before the horse”, because the County doesn’t even know what we want them to do.

Peter Austin

However, County Administrator Peter Austin indicated that the plan was now going to be established with other County government heads, through the direction of the County Board Chairman.

But Thorsen pushed back by asking why legislative priorities are being set by the County Board Chairman and others, when that is the work of the law and government committee.

Mike Walkup

Although Committee Chairman Michelle Aavang further explained how the legislative priorities were being defined, Michael Walkup challenged that this had little meaning since the committee was not even “in the loop” of any of the communications and decisions being made.

In addition, Committee Member Wilcox asked why the Committee had not been permitted to have this on the agenda given that he has requested this item to be discussed “on multiple occasions”.


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You can listen to the meeting here.


Jack Franks’ Personal Agenda & Secret Legal Opinion Trumps State’s Attorney’s Opinion re Committee Chairman’s Control of Committee Agendas – Part 1 — 12 Comments

  1. Nice post Mike ‘Swampbuggy’ Walkup.

    I love the part where you complain about not being in the loop. Real telling who wrote this when the ethos of the post is not being in the loop.

  2. Who cares our county board member better pull there fingers out there _____ and start working for the people and Peter Austin need to start working for the people or he needs to go in the really world he would been fired already.

    Cut the pay of the of the chairs person

  3. If Aavang runs for office, she must be primaried.

    She is not capable of representing the taxpayers who are paying for this circus!

  4. I went a round with Kevin two years ago.

    He doesn’t have the foggiest memory of it, though.

  5. @conservative voter

    The terms of the District 6 seats currently held by Michele Aavang and Larry Smith are both up in 2018.

    They both have supported Jack Franks, and they both need to go.

    Fortunately, the taxpayers have two excellent candidates running in the primary, Ersel Schuster and Orville Brettman.

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